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  • Cool Basement Conversion Ideas Our lives are often fraught with the stuff we have accumulated over the years. It is not uncommon for us to lug these possessions around and stow them away in a dark, dank basement, only to be forgotten for years, sometimes decades. However, the basement is a very spacious portion of your home, so maximize ... Read the full post -->
  • Which Foundation Method Works for You? The proper foundation will make your home safer, cost effective, and more livable. In buildings there are three types of foundations: basement, crawl space, and slab. Engineered Solutions of Georgia will create a customized plan to build your foundation based on ground conditions and your choice of building aesthetic using our own in-house engineering department. ... Read the full post -->
  • Top 5 Causes of Water Damage Water damage from weather related or other problems is extremely destructive because homes today are not being made like they used to. It doesn’t take much for drywall to fail. Therefore, you need to stay prepared for an emergency and have a plan in place so that you can act quickly when water damage occurs. ... Read the full post -->
  • Sinkholes, Sinkholes, Everywhere! Sinkholes have begun to appear in various places around the world in recent times. In the various places that sinkholes have appeared, odd occurrences have come up. Sinkholes happen due to a combination of erosion and the drainage of water. They can be a few feet wide to large enough to swallow entire buildings. Many ... Read the full post -->
  • Why Do Buildings Collapse? Buildings can collapse for a variety of reasons. While substandard construction methods and lax inspections are often the cause of building collapses in developing countries, the causes of building collapses in the United States typically have different origins. Concrete buildings are particularly prone to collapse in poorer countries because they require large amounts of steel ... Read the full post -->
  • London’s Buried Diggers If you are considering adding a new room or considering major renovations to your home, then chances are you will need to renovate your basement or make alterations to your foundations in some form or another. When you start renovating and digging foundations, you might just be amazed at what you find. We all know about ... Read the full post -->