Foundation Repair Blog

  • In Need of Concrete Slab Repair? If you are dealing with a damaged concrete slab or cracked foundation, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help get you back on solid ground. We use a highly advanced poly lift system that showcases the best in modern engineering and uses affordable and cutting edge technology to offer you a lifetime of support. Expert Diagnosis Our system starts with a thorough ... Read the full post -->
  • Frequent Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues Crawl spaces are dark, unfinished, often underground areas that don’t get nearly as much attention as the rest of your home. These conditions make them ideal for fungus growth, especially if you don’t practice proper waterproofing techniques or check your crawl space regularly. Unfortunately, condensation collects even faster than usual in hot, humid Georgia. As mold and mildew build up and spread throughout the ... Read the full post -->
  • Common Basement Waterproofing Myths Your basement is an important part of the foundation that carries your home. Moisture can seriously damage that foundation. Not only can it cause cracks and weaken your foundation, but it can ruin anything you may be storing in your basement. Moisture can also help your basement to play host to a number of nasty ... Read the full post -->
  • Understanding Foundation Piering One of the most devastating things that can happen to a building is foundation failure. Because a foundation shoulders the load of the entire structure, its failure can cause problems that make it unsafe and at risk of collapse. Replacement is not only expensive, disruptive and time consuming. In these cases, foundation piering is an efficient and ... Read the full post -->
  • Signs You May Need House Leveling An uneven foundation can result in some unusual symptoms inside your house, such as cracks on walls or ceilings, plumbing problems that create slow drainage or backups, and door jams. In such cases, the problem can be solved or repaired by propping up the home and leveling the structurally-weak foundation underneath it. All house foundations settle ... Read the full post -->
  • Indoor and Outdoor Foundation Warning Signs The presence of cracks in indoor walls, floor and doorways, and sticking doors and windows are all signs of foundation problems. Further, symptoms like chipping of foundation, rotting posts, wide cracks on the exterior and pools of water in a crawlspace are signs of foundation problems that need professional assistance. If you can identify early warnings signs ... Read the full post -->