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  • DIY Basement Waterproofing There are two words that most homeowners don’t want to hear in one sentence: “wet” and “basement”. Basements are very susceptible to moisture, leaking and flooding. If you don’t have the right waterproofing in place, all the work you do on finishing the basement space could be for naught. Should you try DIY basement waterproofing ... Read the full post -->
  • What is Anchor Foundation Repair People often don’t realize that many structural changes they notice in their home indicate that they need to have their foundation repaired. Here are a few things to look for: Cracks in your stairs A chimney that leans Windows and doors that stick Cracks in walls, floors, and drywall Stoop and porch settlement The soil around your home can be causing issues with your ... Read the full post -->
  • Important Things to Know About Mold Damage from Basement Flooding One of the worst things that can happen to your home’s foundation is water damage, which often leads to basement mold. Unfortunately, many homeowners face basement flooding at one point or another during their homeownership. It’s important to understand what basement mold actually is, how to treat it if it happens to you, and how to ... Read the full post -->
  • Save Material by Reusing Your Existing Foundation The availability of land in prime areas is becoming increasingly limited, and home owners wishing to move into these areas are faced with the prospect of buying an existing home and remodeling or tearing the old one down and starting again. There are several advantages to a tear down in that the new structure can ... Read the full post -->
  • What is Shoring? What is shoring and how does it affect the way in which homes are constructed? The short answer is that shoring is the architectural process of supporting a structure, usually a home, with shores or other props to prevent the structure from collapsing. Why is Shoring Important?  Laying down shores for homes in hilly terrain – think ... Read the full post -->
  • Let Our Experienced Contractors Help with Basement Waterproofing Issues Water is not what homeowners want to see in the basement. Any amount of moisture in the basement can damage anything stored in that space, ruin finishing materials, and lead to mold growth. If you are having water issues in your basement, you need to get an experienced waterproofing contractor to come in and fix the problem. With ... Read the full post -->