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  • Why Do Buildings Collapse? Buildings can collapse for a variety of reasons. While substandard construction methods and lax inspections are often the cause of building collapses in developing countries, the causes of building collapses in the United States typically have different origins. Concrete buildings are particularly prone to collapse in poorer countries because they require large amounts of steel ... Read the full post -->
  • London’s Buried Diggers If you are considering adding a new room or considering major renovations to your home, then chances are you will need to renovate your basement or make alterations to your foundations in some form or another. When you start renovating and digging foundations, you might just be amazed at what you find. We all know about ... Read the full post -->
  • Is the Crack in my Home Foundation a Serious Problem? This is a question we are often asked and the answer is more complex than you may imagine. Cracks in a foundation can range from a normal occurrence to a sign of emanate failure. First, the basic duties of any residential foundation is two fold one it distributes the perimeter load from the structure to ... Read the full post -->
  • Make the Inside of Your Home Bigger There is one problem with zoning laws that restricts a home owner’s ability to enlarge their house outside the original building envelope; it confines that house to a certain size family and price range. Whether it is historical preservation or set back requirements or height requirements, if you can not get a permit to go ... Read the full post -->
  • When is Foundation Repair Necessary? While it may seem like the discovery of a crack or leak your house is a small problem, these seemingly minor imperfections can be a clear indicator of a much more significant issue with your home or business’s foundation. Left ignored, problems like these can continue to grow and turn into costly and extensive damage ... Read the full post -->
  • Why Waterproofing Your Georgia Home is Important There are few things more damaging to a Georgian home than the presence of unexpected moisture. Dangerous mold problems, foundation cracks, and heart-breaking flood damage can all strike when you least expect it, leaving you with costly repairs, a huge mess on your hands, and devastating property loss. Fortunately, the experts at Engineered Solutions of ... Read the full post -->