Foundation Repair Blog

  • Signs You May Need House Leveling An uneven foundation can result in some unusual symptoms inside your house, such as cracks on walls or ceilings, plumbing problems that create slow drainage or backups, and door jams. In such cases, the problem can be solved or repaired by propping up the home and leveling the structurally-weak foundation underneath it. All house foundations settle ... Read the full post -->
  • Indoor and Outdoor Foundation Warning Signs The presence of cracks in indoor walls, floor and doorways, and sticking doors and windows are all signs of foundation problems. Further, symptoms like chipping of foundation, rotting posts, wide cracks on the exterior and pools of water in a crawlspace are signs of foundation problems that need professional assistance. If you can identify early warnings signs ... Read the full post -->
  • Common Basement Leaks & How We Repair Them Water can leak into your basement from both the walls and the foundation. Even if your foundation is made from concrete, your basement could still be prone to leaking. A leaky basement could be caused or exacerbated by a breakdown in drainage, hydrostatic pressure over time, or even something known as the clay bowl effect. Breakdown ... Read the full post -->
  • The Cost Of Foundation Repair Tiny cracks lead to bigger ones. If you notice wall cracks or windows that are difficult to close or have fissures in the casing, your foundation may be the cause of the problem. Other symptoms of a cracked foundation include: Doors out of alignment Cracks in garage columns Leaning chimneys Sloping floors Basement leaks or dampness in crawl spaces These conditions are often ... Read the full post -->
  • 5 Myths of Foundation Repair Foundation repair is often the last thing that a homeowner wants to think about, but foundation damage can happen at any time. All it takes are a few of the wrong conditions to jeopardize your home’s foundation. If that does happen, keep in mind these common foundation repair myths, so that you can make the right ... Read the full post -->
  • What Is A Helical Pier And How Does It Work A helical pier is a foundation pin made of steel that contains helices just like screws. It is driven into the soil, to depths below the frost line by use of a hydraulic system. Helical piers are used to support structures especially where soil conditions are challenging making hard for you to set up a traditional ... Read the full post -->