Warranty Test Page

Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers our residential customers two warranties of our work.

Our Triple Protection Warranty

Triple Protection WarrantyWe are the only foundation repair and waterproofing company in the state of Georgia able to offer you a Triple Protection Warranty. We’re able to offer this because we have an engineering firm license and we have a licensed professional engineer on staff! This exclusive warranty covers:

  • Material
  • Workmanship
  • Design

Our triple protection warranty is also transferable and we do not charge a transfer fee. Ask our competitors if they warrant the design of their repairs!

Our Best Value Warranty

Apples to Apples GuarateeEngineered Solutions of Georgia assures the price for the foundation repair work specified in our estimate agreement is the lowest price available for material and workmanship quality as well as contractor reliability.

If a contractor with quality materials and workmanship of equal specifications offers to perform the work specified for less than the amount presented within 30 days of our written quote, we will complete the work and refund the difference, plus $100.00, within 30 days of receipt of the written specifications of such contractor.

A lot of foundation repair companies like to throw around the term “lifetime warranty”, but what does that really mean? If the company goes out of business in a year is your home still covered? What if you decide to sell? At ESOG our warranties extend beyond the life of the business or the homeowner, to the life of the structure itself, so you can rest assured that your foundation is always protected.

Why do you need a foundation warranty?

A foundation can fail for any number of reasons. Most foundation damage is caused by water, either from flooding, excess water around the foundation, or leaky pipes that slowly erode the underlying structure of the home. In addition, improperly installed piers can sink into the soft clay that is common under most homes in the Southeastern United States, causing a portion of a newly replaced foundation to collapse. The warranty through ESGO ensures that if you must go through a foundation replacement, you don’t have to worry about paying for additional work in the future.

What does a foundation warranty cover?

Our warranties cover every aspect of your foundation. Most companies only include the cost of materials and labor into their warranty coverage, leaving you responsible for an engineering and design report that will cost thousands of dollars out of your pocket, and may add weeks to the completion time for the project. Since we have a certified engineer on staff, our warranties cover the entire foundation, from the concept and design through the installation.

What makes ESOG better?

Not only do our warranties include the price of the design of your new foundation, we provide other benefits as well.

  • Fully transferable: If you decide to sell your home, all you have to do is notify us within 30 days of the title transfer and the warranty transfers to the new owners. Between the upgraded foundation and the warranty coverage, you add significant value to the sell price of the home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • No transfer fee: The few competitors that do offer a warranty transfer charge an astronomical transfer fee, often nearly as much as the value added to the home by the warranty coverage. When you transfer a warranty with EGSO there are no fees and very little paperwork to keep the structure covered.
  • Triple protection: As long as the work is designed by our engineer, all of the parts, labor and design costs are covered by the warranty. You have no out of pocket costs for the repair.

When it comes to your home, don’t be fooled by brand new companies and copycats. You need a team that you can trust and one that will be around to honor their warranty if the work ever starts to fail. With our proven track record and more than a century of combined experience, ESGO is the best choice for all of your foundation needs. Contact us today to get an estimate and to start protecting your home.