Honest Vendor

I was looking for a contractor to level and stabilize floors in my house. Jay spent an hour assessing the situation and recommended a much cheaper solution which ultimately did not require me to use his company. How refreshing to have meet a honest person who helped steer me to the most economical solution.

Very Friendly

They were thorough and answered all of our questions, Jay visited an HOA meeting to discuss everything with the residents, the work was completed on schedule and was minimally disruptive, they have been flexible and have worked with us on a payment plan, personable and easy to work with, they offered the most competitive estimate

Honest, honest, honest

I thought I had a problem with my foundation because of some walls I had cracking and sticking doors so I called Jay to look at my house to see what he thought. He came out, was prompt and professional and proceeded to look at all the problem areas as well as use a laser level to determine if the floors were moving. He determined that some of the doors sticking was due to loose hinges. He then determined the cracks and a couple of the other doors were probably due to a small framing problem in the basement, and that the foundation was perfectly level and not the source of the problem. He recommended that I leave it alone and make cosmetic repairs. Jay is probably the most honest contractor I have ever dealt with. That kind of honesty is hard to find these days, I would HIGHLY recommend him to evaluate any suspected problem anyone might have!

Honesty when you need it

I called Engineered Solutions due to what appeared to be cut rafter settling between the unfinished basement and first floor of our recently purchased 20-year-old home. I expected to be told that we'd need to jack it up and replace some rafters (with the associated cost).Instead, Jay with ES showed me where the sag likely happened at the point of construction and was structurally sound - a little leveling compound before our kitchen renovation is all that's needed. We joked that he was talking himself out of a job, but I really appreciated his honesty on something where homeowners really need to be able to trust the vendor's opinion. While I'm glad we didn't have a big cost with this vendor, I'd recommend them to people who can use their services.

Excellent service

I used ESOG to install a pier. Jay was very helpful when he assessed the work and gave many good alternatives. The work was scheduled easily and was done well at the appointed time. I would use ESOG again.

Very professional and helpful!

Great experience with this company. Jay called ahead and arrived even before scheduled time. He was very informative explaining the "problems" I thought I had. Was very honest in explaining that all was actually ok, and I didn't need anything done. Will definitely call on if any future needs and refer to others. Thanks!

Very Professional & Knowledgeable

ESO was quick to respond & schedule based on what we thought could be a serious foundation issue. Clark Campbell promptly came out to inspect and was very professional, patient in explaining, and kind to make suggestions on how to fix what turned out to be not such serious problems. Rather than try to up-sell on services we don't really need he honestly told us the quick how to fixes we could do ourselves. Thanks so much Clark we will be sure to refer you when possible!

Very Professional

"Allan came by this week to look at a foundation issue with my townhome. He was very professional and really explained what he was doing and what he discovered. Before leaving he left a kit with the estimate, recommendations and all sorts of information so that I can check out the company and verify that they are properly insured and do a good job. I haven't even finished getting all of my estimates from different contractors, but Engineered Solutions of Georgia (and Allan) have left a very positive impression on me--the bar is very high indeed for the others!"

Off to a good start

My husband contacted them via the website late last night and awoke to a prompt email response. Will followup by phone to set appointment for an inspection and estimate on repairing our settling porch floor and our basement leak. Watch this space. (Ignore the star ratings I clicked as they will be edited after the appointment and possible repair work.)

Unbelievably Honest & Helpful

Clark Campbell is the BEST! He came to evaluate the foundation problem I'm having with my front porch. He spent time looking at everything and then explaining various options to me. I couldn't believe how thoughtful, thorough, and honest he was! I would have hired him on the spot, except that he explained I didn't really need him :) Then he went on to completely describe an inexpensive, do-it-yourself solution that was PERFECT! I will be taking his advice and saving thousands! And if (or when) I need a more permanent solution in the future, he will be the person I call! I will recommend Clark & ESG to everyone I know that needs their kind of expertise.

Very honest!

Allan Waite, their Sr Technical Advisor inspected the basement area where we have had a tiny crack with minor efflorescence for many years. We had already received a $6,200 quote from a competitor. Allan mentioned a similar solution but called it overkill. He suggested we hire a handyman to scrape off the crack and use DryLock. We very much appreciated his honest opinion!!! Gaby A.

Most Honest & Helpful Company I've dealt with

"Had a meeting with Allan W. scheduled for today to assess potential foundation/structural issues in my home. Allan called when on his way and arrived early (but notified me, which was awesome). Allan was thorough in investigating the issues inside and within the crawl space. He is clearly VERY knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all of my questions and when it came for the dreaded part about what would be needed to fix the issues, Allan said, ""Id love to sell you something, but in reality the issues here are easily fixed and someone like you can likely do it yourself."" Wow, I was blown away that he was so honest. He even discussed how I could solve the issues myself by lifting a beam in the crawl space and supporting it. He warned me that it may lead to more cracking of drywall/seams, but that it would prevent future issues. I was worried that I may need major repairs, but Allan was straight up and told me exactly what needed to be done. Very impressive in this day and age. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend ESOG & Allan W. to anyone. PS - I am a Mechanical Engineer, so I understand physics, statics, beam deformation, etc. I was prepared to thoroughly question any solutions presented and the rationale for doing so, but Allan provided all the information which made logical sense. He really does know his stuff and did not try to sell me anything I didn't need. Excellent guy and excellent company!"

Very honest company

Allan Waite came and consulted on a sidewalk which was pulling away from our house. He presented the options, and told me about how much each option would cost. The lesser cost was one that I could do myself. I really appreciate the honesty and integrity of this company and highly recommend this company to evaluate any structural problems you may think you have and in particular I highly recommend Allan Waite.


We had a fairly simple project, and it was done quickly and thoroughly. Eric spelled out the procedure and showed us we didn't need an excessive amount of work that others had tried to sell us on. The crew was professional and courteous and showed us how to download the app for the pump spy (sump system) and how everything worked with the backup battery system. The system is awesome....it reports to you weekly with the stats of water pumped etc. I highly recommend this company to anyone that wants a dry basement with minimal intrusion.


Working with this company was a great experience even in light of how desperate I was to have my foundation repaired. Everyone was polite and professional and did a wonderful job. I appreciate their timely attention to all details. I highly recommend this company!

Hard work done right.

After the initial inspection, the work started within a week and was done in one day. Very professional.

Foundation Repair

Work was completed on schedule, a company representative visited my HOA meeting to answer any questions about the work to be done and the company has been flexible with our payment plan. My only disappointment is that the repair costs were very underestimated due to having to drill much deeper into the ground than anticipated to be able to support the building.

Quality foundation work at a competitive price

After discovering interior and exterior cracks in our building that were signs of foundation settlement, we sought estimates from 3 foundation repair companies. 1 never even called us back, 1 gave us an enormous estimate that we never would have been able to afford. Engineered Solutions was prompt, gave us the most competitive estimate, was willing to answer all questions about the construction plan (they even attended our association meeting to answer residents' questions before work began), and the work was completed in a timely fashion with minimal disruption. They were personable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Great Work!

Great job on restoring the foundation of our building. Came to an HOA meeting to walk us through the process, invoice, answer questions, etc. Highly recommend.

Great Service and Good Clean Up Job

The company came out and "lifted" our building. The service was quick and the clean up was fantastic. The price was also the most competitive of three other businesses. I would recommend.

Great Service

These guys were very responsive and flexible.

great experience and great work....

These guys were easy to work with, sent a representative on site to answer any and all questions we had, and did a professional job with our foundation. I could not be more pleased with their work!

Honest Assessment

Company representative gave a thorough look at our house from top to bottom and told us no work was needed, just regular settlement of our house. Appreciate their honesty...will use them if we ever need future waterproofing of our basement.

Extremely Honest

I was convinced that I had foundation issues. I set up 3 appointments for estimates to be done. Jay was the last of the three and pointed out things that the other 2 had missed. Not only was he thorough, but he was extremely honest as well. His advice was to watch things for now and to quit worrying! The first estimator didn't even go into my crawl space and yet he came back with an expensive correction plan. Needless to say I am very appreciative that I lucked out in finding an honest person/company and can't put a price on having my mind at ease regarding my foundation. Thank you Jay!

Very Happy

Jay came out and gave me several options. Very prompt. Incredibly professional. Top notch organization.

Outstanding from start to finish!

Everyone at ESOG was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They showed me what needed to be done to repair my foundation and explained in detail how they would do it. The crew that came to my home was hard-working and very patient with my questions. I just can't say enough good things about this company. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Very professional

Clark Campbell came out the day I called and made suggestions. He was a very kind person. Thank you so much for your help.

A Godsend

Thermal expansion in basement brought leakage. Engineered Solutions fixed it right up. Had a second hairline crack a year later & they were prompt, efficient and got the work done. Really helpful.

Definitely recommend

Very knowledgeable and extremely thorough analysis of project needs - Allan Waite was fantastic; Reliable crew, with a very professional super, Uri - but do need to remind them to lock your gates; Only question we had was use of a type of piping that several other contractors did not recommend; we were assured it will work and ESofG will stand by their warranty - we were very happy overall

Saturday night service!

"We called at 9pm on a Saturday night and they picked up!! Awesome!! We needed a structural engineer asap and they were here to help. Although what we needed wasn't in their list of services, they were very kind to recommend at least two other companies! What a great group!"

very honest people

"I actually got service from the Acworth branch. My scheduling process was smooth. Mr Clark Campbell showed up on time. I had several concerns: (1) big gap in the 2 walls connection line (2) cracking drive way, patio (3) cracking walls inside house I had another estimates before, it was about 10K to fix all these issues. Clark checked these issues carefully and his knowledge convinced me that none of these issues were critical, and pointed me some easy ways to fix them by myself. It ended up that I saved $10K, but they lost a business. I was very happy, but I felt sorry for Clark since they lost a business, Clark said they got plenty of work to do. With such honest attitude and professional service, it's not a surprise that they got plenty of work. I want to say ""thank you again"" to Mr Clark Campbell. I will definitely refer to my friends when needed. Sam"

Pleasure to work with

I was having some sagging in my floors and some cracking in my foundation. Clark came out and gave me a quote to replace 3 piers that were not even touching the floor joists anymore. He also recommended a solution for the cracks. I got a very reasonable estimate but first wanted to see what another foundation company in Atlanta would quote. The other company came out and didn't even notice the defective piers but recommended a storm water drainage project totaling over 20k. Yikes! I went with Engineered solutions and they did an amazing job! I highly recommend this company.

Fantastic company to work with!

We had several quotes to repair flooding into our basement. Engineered Solutions was by far the most reasonable. The quality of the work they performed exceed our expectations. They worked quickly and were super easy to work with both with booking the job and completing it. I would use them again in a heartbeat for this type of work.

Unbelievable experience

Alan came to our home this week to check out some cracks in our foundation. After spending ample time checking out the situation, he explained all of the options before us. He then went on to say that we could repair it all ourselves for under $50 and went as far as telling my husband exactly what repair products he needed to buy. He was amazing!! We cannot recommend him enough. High ethics, good character, expert advice.

Great company

This company did an excellent job from the sales call to the finished product. Always followed up and made sure everything was done. Job was finished quickly and efficiently and it worked!! Hard rain the next week without a drop inside. These guys are great! Would recommend them to anyone needing waterproofing.


I contacted ESOG for the 2nd time over the past several years to look at some drywall cracking and slab cracking in a house I recently purchased. Jay came out and looked at the situation, then provided me with an analysis that it was normal stress cracking and heating/cooling cycles. He told me what changes to look for and refused my offer to pay him for his time and trouble!! If you need an honest company contact these guys!!!

Overpriced but sound Engineering

"If you get and estimate - ask for Allan. He is awesome. Engineered solutions priced me higher than the competition, so I did not go with them, but they offer exactly what they are named: an engineered solution. If I had a bigger budget I would have definitely gone with them for my waterproofing job. If the cracking gets worse, I will go with them for piers, since their price was actually better than the competition for the structural supports. Overall a very good impression was left on me after the estimate, but this company just needs more competitive pricing for waterproofing jobs."

Great company to tackle structural issues!

I had Engineered Solutions come out about a year ago to help me address some structural support issues with my 100 year old home and also encapsulate my crawl space at the same time. Their pricing was competitive for quality work. There were of course some bids that came in lower, but the work they proposed wasn't nearly as comprehensive. There were also some of the other big name guys in town that came in higher with the same proposed work. I highly recommend contracting a structural engineer (as Engineeered Solutions even recommended) to create a report and clearly specify the work needed to be completed so that all companies are bidding on the same scope of work. The team was professional and one year later I am still very happy with the job they did.

Very Professional - Excellent Service

Clark from ESG came to my home to evaluate an area where bricks were showing some minor separation. He was on time and very professional. He determined that there was no structural problem and suggested that I simply have a mason repair the bricks and take photos in advance to document the repair. I highly recommend ESG. I probably could have gotten the same advice from a mason, but the peace of mind from working with a professional firm like ESG is important to me.

Honest and helpful!

We needed a dehumidifier for our basement; they were our choice. The dehumidifier had a defective part (manufacturer problem, not theirs) and they had to come out and "troubleshoot" a couple of times before the problem was found and fixed. They were VERY concerned, attentive, punctual, and helpful. Problem fixed and customers happy! Great service and nice employees!!!

Great choice for crawlspace encapsulation

We received 3 quotes to have our crawlspace encapsulated and a de-humidifier installed. Excellent work, good communications, and everything done in a timely manner. Highly recommend these folks. They even split the cost with us to have an additional electrical outlet installed specifically for the dehumidifier (and it wasn't included in the contract!). Work crew cleaned up after themselves and patiently answered all of our questions.

Excellent Advice - Highly Recommended

I realized I had issues with my foundation and flooring support so I started repair work myself; however, I began to worry that I might miss something and was willing to pay to have an experienced company complete the work. The ESOG rep inspected everything, said it wasn't as bad as I feared, gave me some helpful advice, & told me to finish it myself & keep my $$.

Great work

The ESOG team that just replaced or added support beams in our (old) house’s basement. Making the footing and installing the beams in the narrow crawl space must have been quite difficult, but the final result is excellent. The workmen were professional, pleasant, worked hard, and cleaned up nicely after their work. We’re very pleased we went with ESOG, and highly recommend them to others who need similar work done

Great job by ESOG on foundation

ESOG just finished a repair on our foundation and did a phenomenal job. Best company to work with on repairs. Allan was absolutely great at explaining the work that was going to be done, and the team he used was fantastic. They showed up on time, did the work with an attention to detail, and left my property looking just as good as it did when they arrived, which is amazing given the fact they brought in Bobcat for digging. They even took the trouble to save our mulch and put it back down after they were done.

Honest and Knowledgeable

Allan from Engineered Solutions came out today to assess concerns I had with my basement. He showed up on time and called ahead to confirm. Allan is knowledgeable, thorough, and honest! He answered all of my questions and took the time to explain to me my situation and why I DIDN'T need to spend thousands. I'd recommend them to friends.


Interaction with ESOG from initial contact to meeting with Todd Hall was seamless and professional. I met with Mr. Hall, ESOG Foundation Assessment/Repair Specialist, on Friday, 3 Oct to gain insight into what appeared to be foundation cracks in the brick veneer. Todd conducted a very thorough assessment of the interior and exterior of the house including the crawl space to determine the origin of the cracks. Mr. Hall informed me that the foundation of the house was solid and did not need helical piers. Mr. Hall then advised me of some simple, budget-friendly steps to take to remedy standing water in the backyard. I am so grateful that he is a man of great integrity. I realize that I could have ended up paying thousands of $$ with another contractor. I cannot give him enough accolades. He is top notch. If in the future, I require extensive work, I will not hesitate to contact him. Mr. Todd, specifically, and ESOG overall is worthy of emulation.

Big Thumbs Up

We had problems with leaks in our basement for years. Called the "big" company out there (hint, it starts with a "T") and they quoted us over $10K that would have ripped out the drywall in our entire basement. Engineered Solutions came in, pinpointed a specific crack in our foundation, fixed that specific area, and re-did the drywall for 1/10th of the quote front other company. It's been two years and many rainstorms and not a drop of water has leaked into my basement. Highly recommend.

Quality and Service even with a Quote!

We recently got a quote for work to be done to a property we're interested in purchasing. Ron went above and beyond in the process. He was very honest and went into detail about the amount of work and didn't try to sell anything we didn't need. Thanks Ron and ESOG. We'll definitely be using you all to do the work if we purchase the home. If you go this far out of your way for prospective customers... I can only imagine the quality of the product you'll deliver!

Very Helpful

I was having difficulty trying to find out where my basement was leaking. I contacted Engineered Solutions based on the reviews I read on line. Allan came to my house and not only gave me a detailed analysis of where the water was coming from but spent about an hour and a half showing me how and what they would do to fix it. He also asked if I had a drill and temporarily fixed the problem until I can get them out here to do the job correctly. He dug a small trench flowing away from the foundation and drilled a few holes. The water all runs away from the basement instead of in it. He went way above a free consultation his excellent customer service and honest assessment of the situation was greatly appreciated and I will be doing business with them again.

Very Pleased

"We had been noticing cracks, stuck doors, and crown molding separating. Called ESOG and set up an appointment. Mark came to do the first inpection and found that things were pretty out of whack (Our house was built in 1926 and has had two extensions put on) and ultimately recommended having an engineer do the inspection and make recommendations (which I was relieved by after seeing all the measurements). Paid $500 for the engineering inspection which went against the repair cost. Chris (engineer) came, did a thorough inspection and took the time to really explain the issues and his recommendations. They even broke down the repairs by priority (to help alleviate cost). Plans were drawn up and emailed to which point i was able to work with Mark and we got everything set (they were accommodating to my odd schedule). Work crew was very professional. Called every morning when they were going to be at the house. They cleaned up after themselves, explained where they were at in the process, and were remarkably un-intrusive considering they were in the crawl space for hours at a time and put in about 16 poured supports. Now our foundation feels much more stable. Its too soon to say that all settling has stopped, but I feel pretty confident that it has. They've followed up a few times to make sure we're still pleased. They also had financing available to help the cost. Beginning to end it was an easy process and we're as happy as we can be."

Great first impression

"Eric came by and spent 2 hrs checking things out. Very thorough. He gave me approximate numbers for several options. I'll choose next week. He can fix from outside, so no jackhammer is needed."

Completely honest company! I'm still in shock!

I had cracks in the brick foundation of my 100-year-old house and lots of soil erosion, so I expected repairs totaling many thousands of dollars. Jay showed me how solid my foundation was and said all I needed was good gutters and a truckload of dirt to remedy the problem! I'm so glad I called him first since I doubt another foundation repair company would have been so honest when presented with such an easy mark. It's the kind of thing that restores my faith in human beings. And if I ever do need foundation repair, I know who I'll call.

Great job!

"From the time when I contacted them until they were completed with the project they were always professional! I was always kept informed of what they had to do for the day and when they departed!"

Professional and quality service

We had two leaks in our foundation wall that were very difficult to patch, the builder tried and they still leaked. Engineered Solutions came and assessed the leaks, gave us a reasonable estimate and fixed the leaks. We have not had any leaks even with the heavy rain the past several weeks. They are professional, friendly, honest and fair with their estimate, and extremely conscientious with the quality of the work they provide. They even assessed the rest of the walls because we're in a low-lying area to give recommendations on how to avoid potential problems. Definitely use this company!!

Quality, Timely, and Professional Service

On October 9, 2013, I contacted Engineered Solutions of Georgia(ESOG) to determine the source of the moisture/water damage in my home. An ESOG specialist arrived on time within 48 hours of my call. He spent considerable time evaluating all aspects of the damaged area to determine our next step. The information he provided to me was extremely helpful. I am very pleased with ESOG's timely, professional service. Because of their expertise and outstanding customer service, I will recommend this corporation to anyone who requires foundation repair or waterproofing. Thank you ESOG!!

Honesty and experience

I can’t recommend Allan Waite of Engineered Solutions of Georgia more highly. It was clear that he is both very skilled and very knowledgeable. The expertise he brings comes from years of experience. I had what turned out to be a very simple water problem. However, other companies wanted to cut open my walls and sell me expensive service. Allan had an idea what the problem might be, he tested his theory, and was able to figure out the problem. If you are looking for honesty and experience, I recommend Allan Waite of Engineered Solutions of Georgia.

Real Engineers

Our basement waterproofing project was complicated because we determined after a lot of research that we would also need to build new retaining walls. We chose ESOG because of their engineering capabilities. The detailed construction plan was drawn up by an in-house professional engineer and certified with a “PE” stamp. ESOG’s pricing was also competitive. When the engineer did a final pre-construction inspection, he determined additional structural work would be required, but ESOG did not charge extra, honoring the price we had agreed on earlier. All of the staff, from the salesman to the engineer to the crew, were courteous and professional. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend them.

ron h

In August 2017 Engineered Solutions of GA did repair work on the piping at my lake. It involved pumping cement grout to fill the old rusted-out steel pipe (12" diam x 110 ft long) under the dam. This was the first step in a two-phase project to replace the old pipe. Two firms looked at this work (there are only two pros I know of in the metro Atlanta area who do this type work); both were impressive, so I went with the lower price, plus ESOG was able to get to my project sooner. I'm a Civil Engineer myself and know there are lots of things that go wrong when pumping grout, but Chuck of ESOG looked at the site and told me exactly how it would be done. It was a hot day and tough work, but the guys on the crew had all the right equipment, they knew their job and everything went off exactly as planned. Being able to safely and permanently abandon-in-place this old pipe saved me tens of thousands of dollars versus digging twenty feet into the dam and removing it.

The Proof is in the Pudding !!!

Engineered Solutions did great work on my house. I needed work done on my front stoop. Jay came out and gave me an honest estimate. The supervisor and crew were prompt and thorough. Thanks Guys!!

Best Waterproofing Company in Atlanta

"I selected Engineered Solutions after speaking with four different waterproofing contractors. They are the combined power of Clark Campbell's Absolute Waterproofing and Jay Eastland's Engineered Solutions company. Several of the guys came from another well-known waterproofing company and now are leveraging their experience and expertise to better service customers. They were honest, on-time, professional, and went above the original scope of work to ensure our satisfaction. They always communicated if there was an issue and asked before making any assumptions. They finished the job by cleaning everything up perfectly and we are so pleased we selected ESOG to do our basement and structural work in our crawlspace. I would recommend ESOG to anyone who is seriously considering doing any waterproofing and/or structural work to your basement. Best contracting experience ever."


They came out, did a thorough inspection, and actually talked me out of some work I thought I was going to have to do. They ended up just sealing a crack in my basement and did an excellent job. Highly recommended.

Honest, Knowledgeable, and Professional

We were in the process of selling a town home. There was a small crack on the concrete slab of the 1st level patio. The buyer’s inspector suspected foundation problem and recommended that the buyer continue the inspection with another soil engineer, even though there were no visible cracks in the interior and the exterior of the home. Instead of hiring someone who only gives an incomplete opinion, we preferred to hire an experienced contractor who can come in and explain to us what the problem is, how we can fix it, and the cost of each option. The only risk of doing this was that a contractor may oversell you a solution. We contacted Jay, the owner of ESOG based on the recommendation of a structural engineer. Jay came in and did a complete examination, and told us that no repairs were needed at this point and there’s no active moment of the concrete slab. We were blown away by his honesty, sincerity and integrity. Not only that, Jay took time to write us a “proposal” at our request to show the buyer what can be done (with lifetime structural warrantee provided by his firm) and how much it would cost (very competitive bid) if the buyer insists on repairs. He even asked us to send the buyer his way if the buyer has any additional questions. We showed the buyer Jay’s “proposal”, and the buyer signed the contract the same day! This is proof of Jay’s reputation. Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the trademarks of Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Highly recommended!

Much better conduct than I expected.

Estimator was prompt. Work was done on time. At the time of the estimate, I declined the option of the $600 service to "remove and replace drywall." I said, ok, if I don't opt for the service, does that mean I stiil have to pay for the removal of the drywall? Alan said, no that's part of the job. OK. Signed the estimate. Wasn't home when the work was done. Got charged $150 extra to "remove the drywall." Got very mad. When I called, Jay suggested that I read the contract. I suggested that his estimators accurately reflect the contract. Jay agreed immediately to return the $150. Said that in the future, I would catch more flies with honey. As if there were a drop of honey in my soul. Stand up business. Not what I anticipated.

So far, so good.

Haven't had work done, yet, as we are still quoting. However, they responded to my call immediately and the evaluator seemed honest and friendly. I'll update rating if we have them do work for us.

Great Work & Service!

Was referred to this company for foundation work. They are quick & friendly. Won't know about quality until years later but they gave us a written warrantee. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family. They even offer financing. Very satisfied customer!

Excellence should be their name

The recent floods in Georgia brought a constant stream of water into our finished basement. Engineered Solutions of Georgia was quick to respond with an excellent solution at a price I could afford. They were able to schedule quickly and their crew was beyond professional. Their work was excellent and no dust accumulated in my ducts. The clean up was superb. It has been several months of rain and our basement is dry once again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Best Service Provider I've Found

Installed ten piers to support house foundation that was settling. Every employee, including the estimator, workers, and owner, were kind, courteous, friendly - always smiling, although it was hard, rough, dirty work. Answered every question I had in a way I could understand. Did the job timely, and left the work area cleaner than when they started. It's refreshing to find a company that actually did what they said they were going to do and did it well. Expensive, but this company was well worth it if you need this kind of work done. Hope I don't have more of these problems, but will definitely call this company if I do.

You Won't Be Disappointed!

It took me two years to decide to spend money on my house foundation repair. A structural engineer told me in 2008 that there was a 7/8" sag between my two garage doors. He recommended I call Jay Eastland at ESOG to address it. In late 2010, ready to address my house maintenance needs, I called Jay again. He still knew what to do: he sent his crew out to drill a helical pier between the garage doors down 23 feet; then they installed a bracket to stabilize the foundation. They also added "squash blocks" to strengthen the beams upholding the split level between and above the two garage sides. They explained to me what they were going to do and called me to observe at the times in the process I requested. The cement job over the 2' x 3' hole they dug is perfect, and the left the garage floor cleaner than they met it! I recommend Engineering Solutions of Georgia highly!

Honest Professional Service

We called ESOG because of recent gaps between the crown molding and the ceiling that we thought was due to house settling. Clark Campbell came out this morning and after inspection of the basement and house, determined it was not serious, that it was due to temperature changes, and advised to watch it to see if it would resolve itself during warmer months. He traveled over an hour to get here and ended up not charging us anything for his time. We were confident in Clark's knowledge and will certainly call ESOG again in the future if the need arises.

Outstanding Customer Service and Great Work

We had a foundation leak in our basement and had four companies come out. Engineered Solutions is the only one who did a thorough inspection and found the leak. They answered all of our questions and did great work. We had some drywall dust from the repair in our basement and they took care of it very quickly. We appreciate how well they treated us.

Great Work

I had 3 cracks in my foundation in the basement/garage area and one of them had begun to leak. I received several estimates and Engineered Solutions was competitive with the other quotes. I decided to go with ESOG because of all the favorable reviews I read. I also liked the 10 year warranty against all leaks on the cracks they repaired. Alex came out and sealed the 3 cracks and I haven't had any problems with water leaking in my garage and basement since. I was very pleased with Engineered Solutions.

Trying to sell a house with water in basement

As executrix of my uncle's will, I was trying to sell his house which had been built in the 1960's and was located in a low area. As soon as potential buyers saw how water seeped into the basement, they were no longer interested. However, the house sold the very week that Engineered Solutions of Georgia was there. The life of the house warranty was a plus as well as knowing that water in the basement would no longer be a problem for the new homeowner. They were professional and competent. I would highly recommend them.


I consulted ESOG for concerns I had about possible foundation problems with my house. I called one day and had someone at my home the next. Their receptionist at the office was very kind and efficient. The service I received from Allan Waite was exceptional. He was punctual and professional. He communicated very clearly to me and left me with a good understanding of the condition of the foundation of my home. I did not have any structural issues that needed attention and I appreciate very much being told i had no need to spend any money. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and will consult them in the future if needed. No charge for the consultation.

Excellent work on Crawl Space

Engineered Solutions did an excellent job on my crawl space. I had water puddling at times and wanted it dry. They put in a drain system and sump pump which seems to have done the trick. I am really impressed with the after work care and concern shown...since we have had about 10 inches of rain since this was done in Dec. so far so good! Thank you, Allen, Luis and hard working crew!

Very honest and friendly company

First of all, no work was done. I just want to share my great experience for the estimation meeting. One of my basement rooms was flooded and half the room was wet. So I called Engineered Solutions of Georgia to see what my issue is. An appointment was scheduled and Allan Waite came out on time. He quickly identified the problem and made recommendations to address the issue. He was honest and said this is a problem that I could fix myself and actually gave me instructions on how to correct the leak. The honesty is the reason I am writing this review. I am sure my basement will have further major leak issue in the future and I know which company to call when it happens.

Trusted Business

"I hired this company to fix the crawl space and the foundations at my mom's house. During the process, Clark, the Project Manager, was extremely helpful to explain the scope of the work, and other details. He is always available for questions and answers. Few week laters, Oliver came by and did the final check. Now I have a very clean and neat crawl space. A very trusted and great company to work with. Tony L."

Exceptional Company !

ESOG encapsulated my crawl space and installed a much needed dehumidifier. All the contractors that have entered the space to complete other types of work have commented on what a great job ESOG did. Every single person in the company is extremely professional and hard working. I recommend them very highly!

Honest and Professional

"I had a leak in my basement but couldn't find a source of the water. I called engineered solutions to help. Alan came and thoroughly evaluated the basement and area outside of the house. He suspected a dripping faucet outside or a problem with the water main and recommended a plumber to evaluate things first. If plumbing sources were ruled out, then he said he would come back to discuss waterproofing solutions. The plumber discovered a cracked water main behind the sheetrock as the water line entered the basement foundation wall, which was spraying water on the foundation wall and running down to the floor, underneath the baseboard, soaking the carpet. Alan could have just offered pricey basement waterproofing options, but instead found the cause of the problem. A few days earlier, Trotter Waterproofing came out to evaluate the same problem and assumed the water was coming from poor drainage or ground water. Their only offer was a $20,000 external waterproofing or a $5-6000 internal sump pump/drainage system without even searching for a source of the water. I appreciate Engineered Solutions honesty. I will use them again without reservation and would recommend them without hesitation!"

Ron Braddock - very helpful

Ron Braddock from Engineered Solutions came to my home to assist with concerns regarding water in the basement. He took time to explain exactly what the cause of the problem is and the solution. He is professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Ron!

Great Job!

I was quoted a fair price for excellent workmanship. They cleaned up the yard where the new drain pipe was instaleld so that you could hardly notcied they were even their. Wonderful company to work with!

Foundation/Settling issues

"Had an addition put on old house few years back and started noticing some signs of settling throughout the house. Looked for a highly rated company to look at house, make reservations, and work with......and I'm glad I found Engineered Solutions. Clark Campbell came out and spent time with me looking at all my concerns and going through my options. Did not feel pressured and really appreciated the consultative approach. He talked about options and I really liked the stage approach he recommended. First steps and then if necessary he has the engineering team to provide customized help. Hoping first step takes care of issue, but nice to know the other areas of expertise are there with the single point of contact. Thanks to Clark for the help and I would highly recommend anyone reach out to Engineered Solutions as it has been pleasure to work with them from scheduling on through."

Prompt and courteous service

I received prompt and courteous service for work on our basement. The price was reasonable and the customer service of the technician as well as the receptionist was great. We plan on using them again for our waterprooofing for the basement.