Water pooling around your foundation is one sign. Downspouts dumping water right next to the foundation is another indicator. While both can cause serious issues, other symptoms need immediate attention. Call us right away if you see stair-step cracks or horizontal cracking in your brick or block foundation, or excessive moisture and efflorescence in the block.
There are methods people use to attempt to repair cracks with hydraulic cement, but that is referred to as “negative-side waterproofing,” and will ultimately fail. Cracks should always be repaired by a professional through a process called Urethane Injection. This is a process in which we use a special machine that takes a unique material called urethane resin and injects an expandable polyurethane material into the crack and through the wall to the outside.
If you don’t have controlled heating and air in your basement to help with moisture, then it is recommended to install a commercial-grade, Energy Star-rated dehumidifier. We will install one that is adequate to handle the square footage, pull the excess moisture out of the air, and can control the humidity levels.
Not necessarily. However, pests love moist environments, and even though you may not have a current water leakage issue, it could occur in the future. A good way to avoid pests is to control the moisture and humidity levels through encapsulation. During this process, the crawl space is isolated with a heavy-duty liner that covers the dirt floor and seals up the foundation walls. A commercial-grade dehumidifier is installed, and consequently, it creates a dry and healthy environment.
Water leakage in a basement or a crawl space inflates the moisture levels, so water can work its way up into the living environment through what’s called the “stack effect,” and can ultimately create mold growth and higher utility bills. The more moisture there is, the higher the utility bill is as it costs less money to heat and cool dry air than it does moist air.
ESOG is the trusted name in foundation and waterproofing repair. Our core values are built on understanding, trust, and respect. We don’t put quotes together on the spot nor do we pressure you to buy the same day. Our job is to educate you about what the true cause for your home’s damage is, and to provide permanent options for repair. After inspection, we will email you an estimate and let you make your own decisions. We are the only licensed foundation and structural repair company in the state of Georgia with an engineering team on staff. Our specialists are the best in the industry and attend engineering meetings every other week to continue their education.
There is no project too big or small that we can’t handle. We will work on anything from minor cracks in a foundation wall, to crawl space waterproofing, to basement conversions. With our engineers on staff and a combined 150 years experience, we are equipped to handle any size job from residential to commercial. We truly are the professionals and specialists of our industry.
Foundation issues or damage can be serious and dangerous. However, most issues will not require you to have to leave your home. If you are unsure, we would encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our foundation specialists to evaluate your issue.
The most common variable when it comes to crawl space issues is leakage from over-saturated soil due to excessive rain. If the crawlspace leaks, then a crawlspace drain system would need to be installed to control the physical water and channel it back outside. However, to control high humidity and mold growth, the best solution would be a process called encapsulation. Encapsulation is a process in which a heavy-duty liner is installed over the surface of the dirt floor and sealed to the foundation. The vents are sealed, and a commercial-grade dehumidifier is installed to pull all the excess moisture out to create a dry healthy environment.
The cost for repairs depends on the extent of the damage to your foundation and the type of repair that is necessary. Our specialists can come out to assess each issue and provide an engineered, solution-specific need.
The length of time repairs take depends on the extent of the damage to your foundation and the type of repair that is necessary. Foundation repairs can take anywhere from 3 days to 5 days or more (depending on the extent of the issues) whereas a typical water repair can take 1 to 3 days on average.
Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover the liability and costs of repairs to fix foundation issues due to builder errors or construction. However, they will usually cover the costs to remediate water damage.
Our warranties are the strongest in the industry. Our warranties in most cases are for the life of the structure, and we do not charge a fee to transfer the warranty to future buyers. Also, because we are the only licensed engineering company in the state of Georgia, any repair work we perform through our engineering department comes with a triple protection warranty which covers materials, workmanship, and the design plan for the life of the structure.
Absolutely! We have an entire service department dedicated to providing any annual service or inspections necessary on any system or mechanical equipment installed. This program ensures that the systems and repairs we implement continue to function properly as designed by our specialist or engineers.
Yes, we do! We offer all types of pressure grouting from polyurethane lifting to deep soil injections. Poly lift is an effective process for sunken driveways, sidewalks, pool patios, or any free-standing concrete surface.
Your home is the biggest investment you will most likely ever make and your foundation is what supports the entire house. Not repairing foundation issues will not only vastly decrease the value of your home but also cost a lot more money to fix in the future.
Absolutely! Foundation issues or damage can be serious and dangerous. However, most issues will not require you to have to leave your home. If you are unsure, we would encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our foundation specialists to evaluate your issue.
We would not recommend attempting to repair your foundation/waterproof your home yourself. These issues should be repaired by a true foundation repair specialist. Any repairs you make not only could make the issue worse unintentionally, but you cannot provide a warranty for the work you do and transfer to a potential future buyer of your home.
All inspections performed by our foundation specialists are at no cost to the homeowner. However, any engineering inspections do have a fee. The amount of the fee depends on the extent of the issues looked at.
We are the only licensed engineering foundation repair company in the state of Georgia – no other foundation company can provide this service. This level of expertise assures that we can handle nearly any sized job with unmatched quality, efficiency, and professionalism. Not to mention, when one of our engineers comes out, they will provide a written report and design plan specific to your needs. This means if you ever decide to sell your home, you will then have a report stamped by a licensed engineer you can provide, adding value and peace of mind to your buyer.

“We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that we received from Engineered Solutions of Georgia! Throughout the entire process, they were responsive, attentive, and followed through with their commitments. The end result was fantastic, and we are very pleased with our new crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing!”

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