Repair Concrete Cracks in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta, Duluth & Throughout Georgia

Discovering concrete cracks in your home can be distressing. Even the smallest crack may be a warning sign for major foundation damage, which is why it is always important to call a qualified professional to inspect any damage you discover. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we have more than 30 years of combined experience in foundation repair and waterproofing services, and we have the expertise necessary to tell the difference between a minor aesthetic problem and foundation deterioration.

Generally speaking, concrete cracks can develop for three main reasons:

  • Flex – The framing of the home is overspanned, which leads to additional strain on the concrete and subsequent damage. This problem is fixed by installing additional beams and posts in the floor framing to provide additional support.
  • Expansion and contraction – This isn’t a structural problem, but instead typically develops three to seven years after the home is built. It is usually caused by excessive heat or moisture and appears randomly throughout the home.
  • Settlement – The resettlement of the home’s foundation is quite common in Georgia because of our high levels of precipitation and soft Piedmont soil. When this soil is washed away, the foundation can move, causing cracks to develop in the concrete. This typically requires foundation repair to prevent basement flooding and other problems.

No matter the cause of your concrete cracks, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help. We also provide our customers with a completely free quote for any recommended repair, so there is no reason not to call and have an experienced professional inspect the damage before it gets worse. If it is determined that foundation repairs are needed, our customers are referred to a third party engineer to confirm our initial diagnosis and assist in developing a comprehensive and customized repair plan.

To learn more about concrete cracks and our various repair techniques, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today and schedule a consultation.

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