Foundation Restoration: A Cost-Effective Option for Atlanta Homeowners

We are dedicated to restoring existing foundations rather than building new ones. In this regard, you can consider us a “green” company, since we want to make the best use of the resources already in place and available to us. There’s no reason to use new materials and resources when all the tools we need are right before us.

foundation-restorationBy dedicating ourselves to foundation restoration, we are able to preserve your home with the least amount of interruption to your daily routine. We feel it is important to preserve everything we can and strengthen your home through foundation restoration; we want to work with customers whose homes are in danger and need immediate help to preserve the structural integrity of their homes.

There are many signs that you are in need of foundation restoration:

  • Uneven floors
  • Doors or cabinets that will not open properly or remain shut
  • Windows that are hard to open and close
  • Diagonal cracks in walls, often in the corner edges of windows and doors
  • Gaps between the garage door and the driveway on either side, indicating a garage foundation repair issue
  • Cracks in bricks and mortar
  • Concrete slab cracks, usually large and noticeable
  • Gaps above kitchen cabinets
  • Leaks and cracks in and around the fireplace

While having one or several of these symptoms does not guarantee that your foundation is in need of repair, they are strong indicators that something may be wrong. The smartest thing to do is call us for a free foundation and basement waterproofing estimate and take care of any possible problems before they get more serious—and more costly. You might be surprised to learn that in the long run, foundation restoration will save you money. A home without proper foundational support will suffer continued damage as it sags and crumbles; a few years down the road, when there is no choice but to proceed with foundation restoration, you will also need to repair the collateral damage: cracked walls, uneven floors, and collapsed staircases, among other things. This can be very expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Foundation restoration now is a sound economical choice. As a top Atlanta foundation repair company, we can also restore your property with the following solutions: basement leveling, floor framing, floor leveling, foundation crack repair, foundation piering, foundation wall repair, home leveling, and pressure grouting.

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the workforce, materials, and dedication required to proceed with foundation restoration for your home in Atlanta, Georgia and beyond. Contact us today to further discuss your problem and to set up a free home foundation inspection.

“ESOG did a terrific job installing a new drainage system, sump pump basin, and battery backup unit in the crawlspace of my house. ESOG’s experience, knowledge, and patience with answering my many questions led me to choose them. I have not been disappointed with ESOG’s work or service. Since the installation, my home has experienced quite a few heavy, multi-day rainstorms, and the drainage system has performed flawlessly. I highly recommend them!”

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