Foundation Piering for Permanent Stability in Atlanta, Georgia & Beyond

Diagram of a Helical Pier Piering Foundation Bracket

Foundation piering addresses soil issues that the foundation of your home or commercial property rests on. Often a foundation has been built on soil that is too weak to support the structure, or on clay dirt, which has shrinkage and swelling properties that may lead to foundation cracks. Essentially, during the process of foundation piering a certain number of galvanized steel piers, as determined by a qualified designer, are either screwed in (helical piers) or pushed through (hydraulically driven piers) the weak soil until tougher, stronger ground is reached. The pier is then secured to the house, and the homeowner or property manager can decide at that point if further action should be taken to level the house. Whether or not house leveling, basement leveling or floor leveling is attempted, the foundation is now permanently stable.

Foundation piering effectively places your foundation on durable stilts that can support the weight of the structure. There are many products and techniques we use in foundation piering, depending on the particular problems of your foundation, and the instruments and means used will be determined by your engineer and foundation contractor. They may consider using helical piers, which are screwed in, if the foundation piering is being used with light structural loads. Helical piers are also useful foundation piering tools when the foundation is particularly unstable and needs immediate extra support.

In the end, a pier design is meant to stabilize and strengthen your foundation and structure by placing the weight from weak soil onto the steel piers, therefore reducing the ability for foundation cracks to appear again. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, our foundation company has trained professionals with experience in both residential and commercial foundation piering, using helical piers and hydraulically driven piers. Not only are we experts in foundation piering, our foundation contractors are also dedicated to increasing customer knowledge of these issues by educating you on foundation maintenance and repair.

Contact our professional foundation contractors today to set up a free foundation inspection and learn if foundation piering is right for your current issues. We proudly serve Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Peachtree City, Newnan, Norcross, Acworth, Covington, Duluth, Sugar Hill, Fulton County, Dalton, Canton, Cartersville, and Alpharetta.

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