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Helical Tie Backs Atlanta GA

The soil structures throughout much of the Atlanta area have a high water content, which means they exert considerable hydrostatic pressure on the foundations of buildings and other structures. If you’ve noticed the walls in your basement starting to bow, this is an indicator that the groundwater is pushing against your home’s foundation. One of the most effective ways to combat this problem is to have helical tiebacks installed, and the company that Atlanta-area homeowners have trusted to complete this project for more than a decade is Engineered Solutions of Georgia.

What Are Helical Tie Backs?

Helical tiebacks are used to restrain foundation walls and retaining walls against lateral pressure exerted by groundwater. They serve a similar purpose as carbon fiber support systems but are structurally very different. Whereas carbon fiber support systems feature straps that are affixed to a wall with epoxy and anchored at the top and bottom, helical tiebacks are long metal rods with threads on the end, somewhat resembling giant screws. These threads grip the soil to provide traction, much the same way as helical piers do.


During the installation of helical tiebacks, a hole is first cored through the wall. Next, the tieback anchor is screwed through the wall and into the soil, past the area of loose backfill, until it affixes firmly to the sturdy load-bearing soil. The anchor is drilled in as far as needed to pull the wall back to its original position and is immediately load-tested upon installation.


Helical tieback stabilization is a simple yet very effective and long-lasting method of foundation repair. The tiebacks can be installed rather quickly and this process doesn’t require any heavy machinery, so there will be minimal disruption to your home or daily routine. What’s more, when you partner with Engineered Solutions of Georgia for foundation repair services, you’ll benefit from our triple warranty which covers materials, labor, and design.

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“We had an excellent experience with ESOG, which built new basement retaining walls and waterproofed our basement. After spending a lot of time researching solutions and interviewing several companies, I went with ESOG because the detailed construction plan was vetted by a certified in-house engineer complete with the all-important PE stamp AND the price was competitive. All of the staff, from the salesman to the engineer to the work crews, were courteous and professional and delivered what they promised.”

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