Engineered Solutions wouldn’t be where it is today without the expertise and dedication of its amazing employees. We thought it was time to share just a little bit about these awesome employees who make up the core of our business. Enjoy these employee spotlights that focus on employees’ day-to-day jobs, as well as their personal interests and home life.

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Arabia

Patrick Arabia came to work at ESOG 2.5 years ago, after being in the foundation and structural repair business for several years prior. “When the opportunity came up to join ESOG’s team, it was too good to pass up,” he says. Patrick was drawn to ESOG’s solutions-based approach rather than the high-pressured sales approach the industry is known for.

Patrick started out briefly as the Brand Manager before moving on to his current position as Sales Manager. As Sales Manager, he ensures that the sales team has continued education and sales support—keeping true to the goals and values of ESOG. Patrick also appreciates ESOG’s integrity, and loves that the company provides a challenging and educational workplace.

For Patrick, ESOG has allowed him to utilize his creativity in building a sales department. “My favorite project has been integrating my own ideas into building the sales team,” he says. His favorite part of his job is watching the individual successes and growth of each salesperson on his team.

Patrick begins his workday by coming in early to meet with his sales team individually. Once they are sent out, he does light office and computer work. Throughout the day, he ventures out on his own sales appointments or will tag along with other sales members of the team. Besides managing his sales team, Patrick also works with the production team to make sure the crews have everything they need for a successful project.

Though Patrick works hard at his career, he’s learned that balance is key. “I balance my career at ESOG with family by being keenly aware of the significance that both play for a well-balanced life,” he says. He’s been married to his wife Heidi—a local chiropractor—for 19 years. Together, they have 16-year-old Chase, who loves to do performing arts and jet ski, as well as 13-year-old Ivy, who loves to play volleyball and watch silly YouTube videos.
In his free time, Patrick enjoys playing guitar and singing, as well as writing his own songs and music. He also likes watching hockey and playing fantasy football with his son.

When asked what is one thing about him that would surprise most of his fellow employees at ESOG, Patrick replied: “Most people know me as a Rock N’ Roll kind of guy, but would be surprised to know that Barry Manilow is one of my favorite artists.”

Patrick’s career has come a long way since his first job as paper route boy at 11 years old. We sure are thankful to have him as part of our ESOG team.


Engineered Solutions wouldn’t be where it is today without the expertise and dedication of its amazing employees. We thought it was time to share just a little bit about these awesome employees who make up the core of our business. Enjoy these employee spotlights that focus on employees’ day-to-day jobs as well as their personal interests and home life.

ESOG Employee Spotlight: Keith Cunha

As with most jobs, it pays to have connections. That’s exactly how Keith Cunha landed his position at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. One day, he was listening to the radio while driving his truck and heard an advertisement that ESOG was looking to fill some roles. Keith already knew co-owners Jay Eastland and Luis Cuveas and trusted them, so he reached out to them and was hired to handle warranty, service and fleet management.

Keith has served as Service & Warranty Manager for 16 months and counting. In a nutshell, he services existing customer maintenance needs and warranty concerns, as well as oversees the care and maintenance of the company’s 40 trucks. During a typical workday, you’ll find him organizing tech jobs and checking on production trucks the first three hours of the day. During the middle of the day Keith is out seeing customers. And at the end of the day, he spends time preparing paperwork and quotes for customers he has seen that day.

Since coming to work at ESOG, Keith attributes the company to promoting career development “simply by giving me the opportunity to challenge myself with work that I’ve never done before,” he says. Keith values ESOG’s integrity, determination and loyalty, and especially loves the freedom that his job yields. His favorite project has been to make the service warranty department financially self-sustaining.

When it comes to balancing work life and family life, Keith has a great approach. He works at ESOG Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. At 5 p.m., his workday is over and he commits the rest of the evening to his family.

In his free time, you can find Keith riding his motorcycle, spending time with his grandchildren or visiting his beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his family.

Speaking of family, Keith’s wife and four children know how to balance fun, family life and successful careers. As an executive chef, ship captain, executive VP, attorney and pharmaceutical sales rep, Keith’s family works as hard as he does, but also plays hard by enjoying a myriad of outdoor activities and cheering on the Braves, Falcons and Hawks.

If there’s one thing that may surprise you about Keith, it wouldn’t be his hard work ethic. Instead, it’s that he’s originally from New York and his first-ever job was being a clean-up kid at a Donut Shop there.


Engineered Solutions wouldn’t be where it is today without the expertise and dedication of its amazing employees. We thought it was time to share just a little bit about these awesome employees who make up the core of our business. Enjoy these employee spotlights that focus on employees’ day-to-day jobs as well as their personal interests and home life.

joe loudermilk

Employee Spotlight: Joe Loudermilk

As Director of Commercial Operations, Joe Loudermilk came to Engineered Solutions of Georgia more than five years ago when he saw the company offered great opportunities to grow professionally. Though his career at ESOG has just taken off, Joe has more than two decades of experience in geotechnical and structural services, along with countless professional accreditations. Joe credits ESOG with challenging him to come up with solutions that he would not have experienced otherwise.

Joe’s expertise includes knowledge of the different soil characteristics found throughout the South, as well as the corresponding repair methods required. He’s also involved in R&D, quality control, employee management, purchasing and more. But when it comes down to it, the way Joe sees his complex job is quite simple: “My current role is to see through all of production until the job is completed,” he says.

When asked to describe his workplace, he says ESOG is dedicated, professional and fun. Day to day, Joe has no set schedule, but spends the majority of his time assisting the crews and performing office duties. And that flexibility is just what he loves about his job: “I like that I have freedom,” he says. “The owners trust that I will do my job.”

His favorite project at ESOG has been the Lincoln Energy Solutions project in Chattanooga, Tenn. The large commercial project required installing 943 piers to support five above-ground holding tanks as the dispensary increased its biodiesel holdings from 500,000 to 1.5 million gallons of fuel per week. With previous sinkhole activity on site, the piles had to be driven to bedrock to ensure zero movement should the soils disappear.


When it comes to balancing the demands of office like with family life, Joe credits his spouse. “I have a wonderful wife at home who takes care of the home duties, which allows me to focus on doing my best job at work,” Joe says.

In his free time, he loves spending time with his wife, four children and five grandchildren. You can find them racing cars and tuning in to sports, especially if it involves UGA football. It’s no surprise that his favorite vacation spot is Jacksonville, Fla., so he can cheer on the Bulldogs at the annual GA/FL game.

And here’s a unique tidbit that many of his co-workers may not know about Joe: He’s an ordained minister.



ESOG 2018 Inc 5000 ListEngineered Solutions of Georgia, a company that provides commercial and residential foundation restoration and waterproofing, recently announced its placement on Inc.’s 2018 list of 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Founded in 2006, the Marietta, Ga.-based company ranked No. 4209 on the 2018 list, an improvement over last year’s ranking of 4345. This year marks Inc.’s 37th year recognizing America’s burgeoning private companies.

Of the company’s recent accolade, co-owner Jay Eastland said, “We are honored to rank among such prestigious private companies. This achievement is a true reflection of the value of our people and the tremendous effort they bring to Engineered Solutions of Georgia every day.”

The 2018 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2014 and 2018. Engineered Solutions of Georgia grew 81% during that time frame. (See ESOG’s 2018 profile.)

“If your company is on the Inc. 5000, it’s unparalleled recognition of your years of hard work and sacrifice,” said Inc. editor in chief James Ledbetter. “The lines of business may come and go, or come and stay. What doesn’t change is the way entrepreneurs create and accelerate the forces that shape our lives.”

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database, can be found at

The Path to Success

After working together in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing industry for years, in 2006, Jay Eastland and Luis Cuevas set out to create their own company that went against the norm. Together, they launched Marietta, Ga.-based Engineered Solutions of Georgia as a true construction company that focused on solving complex problems rather than providing cookie-cutter repairs. “We felt that there was a void in the marketplace for a company that offered a solutions-oriented approach–one that customized repairs to the specific needs of the project and the customer,” says Eastland, co-owner. “We also felt it was important to provide custom engineering rather than operate solely on industry standards.”

Engineered Solutions of Georgia quickly gained a reputation as a hungry company that did not walk away from tough projects. “We were and still are very committed to providing the best possible solution to a given problem.” says Cuevas, co-owner. Engineered Solutions of Georgia is innovative in means and methods, and that has led to a lot of cross-purposed and custom-manufactured equipment.

Engineered Solutions of Georgia is the only true design build contractor in its market, with an in-house Engineering Department that allows it to provide specific designs for its customers. “Our industry often operates on industry standards, but we go above and beyond by providing value through true in-house engineering,” says Cuevas.

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has two professional engineers on staff, as well as auto cad specialists. This allows the company to not only function in a design capacity, but also interact with other design professionals on projects to streamline the facilitation of cost-effective mathematically sound repairs.

For more information about Engineered Solutions of Georgia, connect via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


Engineered Solutions of Georgia wouldn’t be where it is today without the expertise and dedication of its amazing employees. We thought it was time to share just a little bit about these awesome employees who make up the core of our business. Enjoy these employee spotlights, which focus on employees’ day-to-day jobs as well as their personal interests and home life.

Chuck Irby spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Chuck Irby

Chuck Irby has worked at ESOG for 5 years and currently heads up the company’s Commercial Division. But he met ESOG owners Jay Eastland and Luis Cuevas in the late 90s when they all worked in similar fields. Chuck was drawn to ESOG because he had seen the company experience rapid growth despite a struggling economy. “This got my attention,” says Chuck.

Chuck attributes ESOG with helping develop his career by providing state of the art tools and resources to help him grow the Commercial Division. His favorite part of his job is the challenge and the fact that monotony is non-existent. Day to day, he spends about three hours quoting estimates, two hours with operations and three hours in the field looking at jobs.

Chuck’s favorite project at ESOG was stabilizing The Catz Residence. It was a huge residential project, which consisted of a large retaining wall that was sliding down a hill and taking the multimillion dollar home down with it. “We had to figure out how stabilize the home,” says Chuck. “In the end, the job was a huge success.”

chuck irby family

Despite his challenging job, Chuck sees the company as a whole as fun, honest and reputable, three characteristics on which ESOG prides itself. Despite his hardworking nature, Chuck has struck a balance between his career and family life. “I balance my life by giving to my family and community by coaching youth sports,” he says.

In his free time, Chuck likes to grill out, spend time with his family (including his three boys, ages 17, 13 and 10) and vacation in New Orleans.

When asked what one thing about himself would surprise most fellow employees at ESOG, he answered: “I spend most Sunday mornings in church.”

Chuck is not only a grounded employee, but one who tackles each workday with gusto and a positive attitude. ESOG is privileged to call him one of our own.

chuck irby


Howard Hougas Marine CorpsThe 1970s were filled with bell bottoms, disco music, peace signs and the final years of the Vietnam War. Howard Hougas, an Engineered Solutions of Georgia employee working as a lead fabricator/mechanic for the past 5 years, recalls those days as a young man serving his country. “When I was a young man,” he says, “I was a bit of a rebel and a wanderer.” Howard missed selective services by about a year, but in 1971, he sought out a Marine Corps recruiter. He knew that joining the Marine Corps would help him find purpose and achieve a straighter path in life.

Jumping right into bootcamp and 5 a.m. wake-up calls in 1971, Howard served in the Marine Corps until 1977. He was stationed predominantly in the US and began as an AC specialist based out of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, an aviation unit that serves as the Aviation Combat Element of the III Marine Expeditionary Force. Though the unit is based overseas, Howard spent his time in the US, prepping jets and squadron to head over to Vietnam. He eventually transferred to working with gas turbines as a jet engine mechanic.

Stateside, Howard travelled from coast to coast. In North Carolina, he reminisces about a snowstorm that dropped 26 inches of snow, pulling almost everyone off duty to lend a helping shovel so the base could functional properly. And in San Diego, he vividly remembers a Fourth of July parade, in which Jane Fonda and other war protesters broke into the ranks trying to get the American flag.

Howard Hougas 2018

After six years of service and with the Vietnam War officially over, Howard chose to exit the Marine Corps in favor of a new life path. But those years of service will never leave him. When he hears the Marine Corps anthem, pride swells within him. “I’m glad I served,” he says. “When I hear the American flag being raised at nearby Dobbins Air Reserve Base each morning, it makes me glad to be an American.”

Engineered Solutions of Georgia is honored to employ a Vietnam veteran like Howard, who stepped up to serve our country during wartime. To Howard and all the other US veterans, we salute you and we honor your fellow servicemen, who laid down their lives to serve our great country. This Memorial Day, you are not forgotten.


WaterproofingLeaks in the foundation and basement, if not taken care of, only become worse with time. Therefore, it is important that you address these issues immediately. When the integrity of your home structure becomes compromised by leaks you will know it is time to have it waterproofed. The methods that are used for waterproofing require the expertise of skilled professionals, such as those from Engineered Solutions of Georgia.

Interior Waterproofing or Exterior Waterproofing?

When the point of leakage cannot be accessed from the exterior due to space restriction, interior waterproofing is the solution. Foundation leaks are not always the cause of leaks in your basement, as it could be caused by hydrostatic pressure. This is where the water underneath the concrete keeps rising, falling, and penetrating the slabs. With external excavation, some of these problems can be solved.

On the other hand, exterior waterproofing helps eliminate deterioration which would occur to your foundation walls. Experts recommend waterproofing the basement from an external part as it helps in addressing the water problem from its source. It usually requires excavation and the depth of excavation depends on elevation of the property.

Waterproofing Techniques We Offer

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are the only company that has an engineering team for in-house repair. Our professionals will design a comprehensive plan that addresses your foundation issues. We are able to investigate the integrity of your foundation to help determine the best technique to solve the current issue.

Sealants are used internally to prevent water damage and seepage. It does not prevent flooding but helps to close the holes in the floors, ceilings, and walls. This is a guaranteed technique when combined with our other methods.

The external techniques for preventing water from getting into your basement. In these techniques, installation of foot drains is done to lead water from the property preventing seepage into the walls, cracks, and floors.

Another external method is the installation of sump pump. Sump pumps pull water far from your foundation. This will all depend on your soil water level, flooding, and rain water frequency.

Contact Us Today To Get Started!

ESOG has different engineers that are available to help you with your waterproofing. Contact us today and we will help identify the best solution for your foundation issues.


The proper foundation will make your home safer, cost effective, and more livable. In buildings there are three types of foundations: basement, crawl space, and slab. Engineered Solutions of Georgia will create a customized plan to build your foundation based on ground conditions and your choice of building aesthetic using our own in-house engineering department.

Basements Give You Extra Space!

The first type of foundation is the basement. Basements are popular because they essentially give you another floor as an extruded crawl space. You may also convert your basement into a living space to make your man cave, children’s sleepover den, or workout room.

Basement foundations are necessary in colder climates to prevent the building from shifting during a frost cycle. Do you not have a basement? Do you suddenly want one? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then Engineered Solutions of Georgia can convert your crawl space into a basement!

A Crawl Space is better for Shallow Frost Lines

The second type of foundation is the appropriately named “crawl space.” A crawl space is a raised foundation that is usually no more than two feet high. Crawl spaces are less expensive options than digging out an entire basement and are used more in areas where the frost depth is shallower.

Crawl space floors are usually soil and provide access and egress to pipes and underground mechanics that one could not otherwise reach. If you are worried about critters or the cold getting in through your crawl space, Engineered Solutions of Georgia also provides a crawl space encapsulation service to keep your heating costs down and nature out.

Keep it Simple: Make it a Slab

Lastly, there is the slab foundation. Slab is used mainly with large-scale tract home builds, where each home is similar. Slab is concrete poured directly over the ground with pre-made perimeter footings. Enough soil to even the grade is removed to allow the concrete to pour evenly over the foundation.

Slab is the most cost-efficient way to put in a foundation because there is no cost for extra digging or extra space, plus the long-term costs of heating and cooling the additional area that is made by a basement or crawlspace are also eliminated.

Decided on Your Foundation? Get Started Now!

To get your dream home started right, you need the right foundation. Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the only in-house engineering department in the area, allowing us to provide professional soil analysis to be sure that Georgia’s typically soft alluvial soil can support your foundation for decades to come. Our director of engineering will make and oversee every step of a plan that gets you home safely, quickly, and as cost-effectively as possible.

Having our own in-house engineering department also allows us to provide triple warranty coverage on our designs, materials, and labor while cutting out extra costs to contract out these essential services. Get your home started with a strong foundation designed by the engineers at Engineered Solutions of Georgia!


One of the most devastating things that can happen to a building is foundation failure. Because a foundation shoulders the load of the entire structure, its failure can cause problems that make it unsafe and at risk of collapse. Replacement is not only expensive, disruptive and time consuming. In these cases, foundation piering is an efficient and cost effective method of foundation repair, one that results in significantly less inconvenience to home owners or businesses.

Foundations can fail for many reasons, the most common causes being improper construction and unstable soil. This is often the case when construction is done very close to watersheds such as swamps and bogs, or when the soil has a higher than usual content of clay, as it does in Georgia. In either case, piering can restore the foundation back to proper form.

workers fixing a home's foundation with pieringFoundation piering involves sinking steel pilings, also called piers, into the ground to straighten and permanently support the existing building foundation. There are two different types of foundation piering, each serving to stabilize different types of structures. When the structure needing support is smaller or lighter, helical piers (also known as drilled piers) are used. These are threaded piers that are screwed into the ground using a hydraulic torque motor. For larger, heavier structures, the process of resistance or push piering is used. Resistance piering uses long, coated steel shafts that are pounded into the ground using a powerful hydraulic ram.

Both techniques involve sinking multiple piers to a depth where they are either embedded in rock or stable soil. Once inserted to their intended depths, they are fastened to the foundation using metal braces. Heavy duty hydraulic jacks are then used to raise and level the structure. Finally, the braces are welded or bolted into place, to permanently retain the structure.

Foundation piering is an efficient method of repairing a failing building foundation. If you see signs of a failing foundation in your home, such as cracking, crumbling, or gaps around doorways or windows, it is important to consult a professional as soon as possible. Assisting Georgia residents and businesses since 2007, the experts as ESOG will be there for your every need. Contact us today before it is too late.



Water is not what homeowners want to see in the basement. Any amount of moisture in the basement can damage anything stored in that space, ruin finishing materials, and lead to mold growth. If you are having water issues in your basement, you need to get an experienced waterproofing contractor to come in and fix the problem.

With so many DIY waterproofing products on the market, why not do the work yourself?

Every situation is different. What worked for your neighbor or your cousin may not work for your home and your situation. You can spend a lot of time and money on trying multiple solutions to solve the problem. Or you can call in a professional and have it done right the first time.

The Water Sources

Basement Waterproofing SystemsWater can get into your basement in multiple ways. It may be coming through the walls, seeping up from the ground below, or from leaks in your plumbing, or any combination of the three.

A waterproofing contractor is going to start with finding out where the water is coming from. This will tell him what the best solutions are for solving your moisture problems.

A very common source is water pooling against the foundation, then seeping through the walls. This can be caused by negative grading around your home and misdirected downspouts. Even mulch piled too high, too close to the house can also cause water to move the wrong way.

These are easy-to-solve problems that can stop the water seeping. Hydrostatic pressure is not so easy to solve. This pressure comes from the weight of ground water pressing against the foundation. This pressure can cause it to start seeping through the concrete.

The Solutions Recommended

Engineers recommend two techniques for managing water getting into the basement: exterior excavation waterproofing and interior excavation waterproofing.

sump-pumpExterior excavation waterproofing involves digging down and exposing the foundation wall. The waterproofing company will apply a membrane to the exterior wall to keep the water from penetrating. Then, they will lay out drainage tiles or a French drain to capture and move water away from the foundation. This technique can involve one wall in the foundation or several of them.

Interior excavation waterproofing starts by excavating a trench within the perimeter of the basement. Then the contractor installs drainage tiles or pipes to capture and drain the water to a sump pump installed in the lowest point of the basement. The sump pump will pump the water up and out of the basement.

Deciding which technique is best for your home is something you need to leave to the professionals.

The Solutions Not Recommended

There are certain solutions contractors do not recommend for waterproofing your basement. One popular solution with homeowners is waterproofing primer and paint.

The advertisements say that it will solve any problem you might have with moisture leaking through your basement walls. In reality, you are only putting a bandage on the problem. It is still imperative that you find the source of the water and stop it if possible. Plus, the paint and primer can only block the water at a cosmetic level. The water is going to still get in, seeping through where it finds an opening.

Leave waterproofing to the professionals. If you have water getting into your basement, take action as soon as possible. Contact us here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. We are foundation specialists.