Are Foundation Cracks Normal?

Close up on cracked house foundation made of cement blocksIf you’ve discovered a crack in your home’s foundation, there’s no need to panic. Over time, many foundations develop cracks that are usually the result of a natural process called settling. In fact, it’s not uncommon for cracks to appear in a newly constructed home’s foundation in as little as a year. Still, it’s important for you to know about the different types of foundation cracks, the implications for your home, as well as the most appropriate methods of repair.

Vertical Cracks

These are the most common foundation cracks and are typically caused by normal house settlement and compression. Owners of new homes may see vertical cracks after just a couple of years but should understand that they are not a real structural concern.

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are more common in cement-block or brick foundations and can be a sign of a serious structural problem. These cracks occur when water pressure and unstable soil put a strain on the foundation walls, causing them to bow inwards. They often form during a season of heavy rain, especially if you have poor drainage around your home.

Diagonal Cracks

These cracks run diagonally and develop when sections of your home settle faster than others or due to changes in soil conditions after heavy rains or drought. Diagonal cracks are common in homes built on a hillside.

Stair-step cracks

Similar to diagonal cracks, stair-step cracks could signal a shift in the foundation. Stair-stepping occurs when bricks or blocks in the foundation separate. In older homes, these cracks are prime areas for water seepage.

Should I Fix Foundation Cracks?

One of the best DIY methods for crack repair is to inject epoxy to seal the cracks. Sometimes filling cracks isn’t enough and certainly won’t solve the underlying issue. If the cracks in your foundation are more than a quarter-inch wide, it’s best to consult a professional foundation repair company, like Engineered Solutions of Georgia. We have served homeowners throughout the southeast for more than a decade. No matter what type of foundation issue you’re facing, our team can work with you to provide a lasting solution. Contact ESOG today for more information.

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