Can Too Much Rain Damage Your Foundation?

Can Too Much Rain Damage Your Foundation

In case there weren’t already enough reasons to dislike rain—wet shoes, slick roadways, outdoor activities getting canceled—we’ll add one more to the list: foundation damage. While moderate amounts of rain are usually no cause for concern, periods of heavy rainfall in conjunction with poor drainage can spell trouble for a home’s foundation.

As rain falls and seeps into the ground, the soil expands. Over the next few days or weeks (until it rains again) the water evaporates and the soil dries out. This fluctuation is a natural part of the water cycle, but as the soil structures swell, they can exert enough hydrostatic pressure on your foundation to create tiny cracks and fissures. Hairline cracks in a foundation are very common and are not always indicative of damage, however, if the cracks worsen over time they may become entry points for groundwater to enter your basement.

More drastic damage can also occur if the soil structures below your home settle or sink significantly, or if a sinkhole forms beneath your home. If, for instance, you experience a period of heavy rain that causes substantial swelling of the soil structures, followed by a period of drought that causes the soil to dry out so much that a large void or chasm forms underneath your home, your foundation may shift significantly, causing major cracks to form in your foundation slab, walls, ceiling, chimney, and stairs.

While it can be challenging to have your foundation inspected on a regular basis due to the fact that much of it is underground, one way to safeguard your foundation from water damage is to ensure that you have a proper drainage system in place. Having a perforated drain pipe installed (commonly known as a French drain) or an interior footing drain can be extremely effective at properly dispersing groundwater before it has a chance to collect and wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.

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