Can Water Come Up through a Basement Floor?Can water come up through a basement floor Atlanta GA

In short, yes, water can come up through a basement floor. Even if there are no visible cracks, water can find its way up through a concrete floor. It’s not magic — it’s science. But don’t go throwing concrete under the bus just yet; it’s a wonderful material for constructing sturdy home foundations for a number of reasons — it’s relatively inexpensive, it’s long-lasting, and it can be molded into pretty much whatever shape you need. However, concrete is also naturally absorbent, and while its myriad positive qualities typically offset this shortcoming, under certain conditions, this minor downside can swell into an Achilles heel.

A rising water table is often the culprit behind this phenomenon. As the water table rises, usually due to periods of heavy rain, the groundwater in the soil beneath and around your home’s foundation builds up hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can cause the water to press against your foundation walls, slab, and footing with such intensity that it can actually seep through the concrete floor and into your basement.

Even if there are no visible cracks in your basement floor, there still may be minor fissures on the underside of your foundation slab or on portions of your foundation walls or footing that are buried in the ground. Such fissures, even if they are microscopic, present a path of least resistance for pressurized groundwater.

What Can You Do About It?

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