Can You Jack Up a House to Fix the Foundation?

Can You Jack Up a House

Are you considering jacking up your house to try to fix foundation problems or to prop up a sagging floor? Remember that scene from The Wizard of Oz? The one where the witch’s legs are sticking out from underneath the house? Is that the fate you want to suffer?

All kidding aside, jacking up your house — or for that matter, using any sort of machinery to try to lift your house — is not something you should ever attempt to do on your own. Even the most heavy-duty, hydraulic-powered automotive jack will almost certainly crumble under the weight of a house. Automotive jacks, even big ones, are rated to lift a few tons at most; in order to lift a house, you’ll need a jack that can lift at least 30 or 40 tons, not to mention someone who knows how to handle it. And even if you did have a strong enough jack, knowing where to place it, how high to lift the house, and how quickly to lift and lower it are critical to preventing serious damage to your home’s structural integrity.

Foundation repair techniques can be incredibly complicated, not to mention very dangerous, so if a portion of your home is sinking, sagging, or settling unevenly, it’s important to consult a professional foundation repair company to not only diagnose the issue but to also develop a plan of action that will address your home’s unique situation. Environmental factors such as the type of soil that your home sits atop or the amount of annual rainfall your area receives should all be taken into consideration when devising a game plan for fixing your foundation.

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