Carbon Fiber Support vs. Poly Lift System

Carbon Fiber Support vs. Poly Lift System

When researching repair techniques for damaged foundations, many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of options. Understanding different approaches to foundation repair can help homeowners decide which method best suits their situation. When considering two popular options ─ carbon fiber support vs. poly lift system ─ it’s important to understand how each technique addresses specific types of problems.

Carbon Fiber Support

Experts use carbon fiber supports in order to mend bowing foundations or basement walls. Oftentimes, hydrostatic pressure in the oversaturated earth surrounding these walls will force them inwards, causing cracks that serve as entry points for water. Carbon fiber supports address this problem by reinforcing those walls. Experts grind a 5½” thick vertical strip of the wall clean and apply a base coat of epoxy to this strip. Then, they strap carbon fiber supports (which look like dark grids) onto the wet epoxy and remove the air around them, allowing the epoxy to cure into a rigid, durable support. This reinforces the wall against bowing while maintaining a near-flush, paintable profile.  

Poly Lift System

A poly lift system addresses the problem of sinking or settling foundation floors and concrete slabs. Gradual water erosion can destabilize the earth underneath the slab, causing it to tilt or crack as it sinks into the eroded pockets. Instead of reinstalling the concrete slab (which can be a costly endeavor), many homeowners will turn to experts who can use a poly lift system to relevel the floor. They begin by drilling small holes into the concrete, which they use to pump polyurethane into the loose soil underneath the slab. These resins expand and harden, filling empty spaces and pushing the slab back into place. Hardened polyurethane resin resists water, providing concrete slabs and foundation floors with support for decades.

Engineered Solutions of Georgia is proud to help homeowners across Georgia determine which system will best address their foundation problems. Contact us today to determine whether carbon-fiber supports or a poly lift system can repair the foundation of your home.

“Very happy with the recent work on my crawl space by ESOG. They were reliable and took the time to do the job right and left my basement cleaner than when they arrived. My crawl space has never been so dry, and my basement has lost the damp musty smell from before. Questions and any issues were answered and resolved immediately. Big shout out to ESOG!”

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“Everyone was professional, from the estimator to the workers who pumped the concrete. My worry was the heating and air conditioning ducts also in the slab. They monitored the ductwork with cameras during the operation to ensure concrete did not ooze into the ductwork. I was a Nervous Nelly during the procedure and the guys were so professional and reassuring. Great job!”

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