Installing A Channel Drain Atlanta GAHow Do You Install A Channel Drain?

Installing a channel drain — otherwise known as a trench drain — is a relatively simple process and one that many homeowners in the Atlanta, Georgia, area can probably accomplish themselves. First, you will need to dig a trench for the drain to sit within. You can make this step much easier by using a trenching machine, which can often be rented from your local home improvement store. Dig the trench from the problem area (the area where unwanted water is pooling) to the drainage point (typically the street) ensuring there is enough room for the channel drain as well as 4 inches of space on either side of the drain to pour concrete. If automobiles will be driving over the channel drain (for example, if you are installing it in your driveway) you will also need 4 inches of concrete underneath the drain for additional support.

Channel drains come in sections which can be easily linked together to fit the space you’re working with. Once you have constructed the channel drain, cover the grating with masking tape to prevent debris from getting inside. Next, set the channel drain into the pre-dug trench using rebar to hold it in place. Attach the drain pipe to the end of the channel drain with a bead of waterproof silicone and, once everything is positioned properly, pour the concrete into the form. After the concrete has been poured, remove the masking tape and smooth out the surface of the concrete to your desired finish.

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While some homeowners are more of the DIY type, others prefer to leave any kind of home improvement project to the professionals. That’s where we come in. For more than a decade, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided Atlanta-area homeowners with top-notch products, services, and customer care. If you struggle with rainwater pooling on your property, we would be happy to install a channel drain or other drainage system that can help prevent future water damage.

To learn more about partnering with us to have a channel drain or other exterior drain system installed at your Atlanta-area home, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. 


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