How to Stop Your Backyard from Flooding When It Rains

How to Stop Your Backyard From Flooding When It Rains

There are a number of reasons why your backyard might be flooding when it rains. It might be that you live in a low-lying area with a high water table, or that the properties around yours are graded so that water flows toward rather than away from your house.  If your backyard regularly floods after heavy — or even moderate — rainstorms, it would be wise to address the issue before this surplus of groundwater causes damage to your foundation or finds its way into your house through the basement.

One of the most common ways to stop your backyard from flooding when it rains is to install a French drain. A French drain is a water redirection system that consists of an earthen trench containing a length of perforated pipe. This pipe, known commonly as “weeping tile” is usually surrounded by gravel or rock, which helps to disperse the water throughout the yard and also stops soil from entering the pipe through the venting slits. Placing French drains in areas where rainwater typically pools and running them on a downward grade away from your home can help disperse water throughout the ground. This will not only help to prevent your backyard from flooding but will also ensure that your foundation does not suffer water damage.

Some other techniques that might prove useful for preventing your backyard from flooding when it rains include:

  • Installing dry wells — These are underground plastic wells that collect groundwater and slowly disperse it back through the soil structures.
  • Building a rain garden — Certain vegetation such as Swamp Milkweed, Cardinal flower, Chelone, and different types of sedges all have particularly deep roots that help them thrive in wet conditions. As such, these plants can be great for drawing excess water from the soil.
  • Installing a sump pump system — A sump pump will remove standing water from your backyard faster than any other method. However, you’ll probably need advice from a professional regarding how and where to install the sump pump system.

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