Is Pressure Grouting Permanent?

Is Pressure Grouting Permanent?

Foundation problems usually manifest themselves through a set of common symptoms: uneven or sunken floors, sticking doors or windows caused by uneven frames, and cracks that bisect walls and foundations. While initially only irritating and unsightly, these symptoms can develop into safety hazards or cause other issues, like water damage or insect infestations, to cascade. Pressure grouting, also known as compaction or permeation grouting, offers homeowners an attractive solution due to its versatility. Many homeowners, however, find themselves asking one important question before they can commit to this solution: is pressure grouting permanent? The answer depends on the situation.

Addressing the Problem

Pressure grouting solves the problem of a sinking foundation by addressing one of its main causes: soil erosion beneath a house. During this process, professionals place hollow pipes in the ground three to five feet apart, pressing down through loose and unstable soil until they reach hard-packed dirt. Then, they pump dense, rockless concrete (grout) through the pipes. This fills any particle gaps present in the eroded soil underneath the home, replacing loose earth with compact stone. Unlike soil, grout resists erosion. This means that pressure grouting can provide permanent support to a house foundation for years to come.

A Solution With Benefits

Many homeowners favor pressure grouting as a solution due to its versatility. Since the process relies on the boring of small holes, professionals don’t need to damage the existing foundation to gain access to broad swaths of soil. The relative quietness and neatness of pressure grouting only add to its appeal. When it comes to questions of permanence, pressure grouting can provide homeowners with a long-lasting solution to their house problems provided the situation that initially caused the erosion is also addressed.

If you’re unsure whether pressure grouting will provide a permanent solution to your foundation instability, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today to schedule a consultation.

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