What Are the Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation?

What Are the Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation entails carefully applying a thick sheet of polyethylene—often called a vapor barrier or moisture barrier—to the ground beneath your home, the inside of your foundation walls, and sometimes even the underside of your floor. After the vapor barrier is in place, a dehumidifier is employed to remove moisture from the air, floor joists, and other structural components that have a high concentration of moisture.

The main reason why homeowners encapsulate their crawlspaces is to prevent moisture from emanating up from the ground and collecting beneath their homes, where it can lead to structural damage such as wood rot and health hazards such as mold and mildew growth. Some other benefits of crawlspace encapsulation include:

  • Improved energy efficiency, as the moisture barrier may also help regulate the movement of heat into and out of your home
  • Better air quality, not only in your crawlspace but throughout your entire home
  • Less chance of wood-destroying insects and other pests infiltrating your crawlspace

If moisture is building up in your crawlspace and you do not take measures to mitigate it, you run the risk of sustaining serious structural damage which may necessitate costly and invasive repairs. To prevent this from happening, it is best to consult a professional that can perform a thorough inspection of your crawlspace and install an appropriate moisture-management system.

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