What Causes Water in a Basement?

What Causes Water in a Basement? Atlanta GA

 If you have issues with water infiltrating the basement of your Atlanta, Georgia, home, you should contact a home improvement professional to investigate your situation before significant property damage occurs. There may be any number of reasons why water is getting into your basement. The most common cause of leaky basements is pressure created by water in the soil structures that surround the foundation. During heavy rainstorms, soil often becomes saturated. This creates a force known as hydrostatic pressure which can push moisture through gaps and cracks in your basement floor or foundation walls.

Faulty window wells are another common cause of water infiltration. If the windows in your basement were not properly installed, or if they are aging and in need of replacement, there’s a chance that water may be seeping in through the seams between the window frame and brick molding. Likewise, any crack in your basement floor or foundation walls, regardless of how large or small, or how long it has been there, presents an opportunity for water to infiltrate your basement.

In order to properly fix your leaky basement, you should address both the cause of water infiltration (hydrostatic pressure, overflowing gutters, pooling rainwater) and the site of water infiltration (the cracks, seams, or joints through which the water is entering). If repairing cracks and faulty seams or addressing surrounding soil structures does not seem like a viable option for addressing your water filtration issues, it may be helpful to install a drainage system, such as a sump pump in conjunction with a channel train.

A Lasting Basement Waterproofing Solution

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has helped countless homeowners in the Atlanta area fix their leaky basements, thereby preventing costly damage to their homes and property. When you contact us, we will send a representative to your home to perform an inspection and discuss your basement waterproofing options. Not only can you trust our in-house structural engineers to devise a lasting solution for your home, but, with our triple warranty that covers materials, labor, and design, you can rest easy knowing the investment you’ve made in your home is protected.

To learn more about what may be causing water to seep into the basement of your Atlanta-area home, contact the experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.   

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