What Is a Mid-Span Support Post?

What Is a Mid-Span Support Post

A mid-span support post, also known as a crawlspace stabilizer, is a mechanism used to support sagging floor joists. As the foundation of a building settles, the concrete support columns in the basement or crawlspace often sink a little bit. Even if it’s only an inch or so, this is enough for the floor joists that they support to also begin sagging, causing the above floor to droop or bow. Sometimes floor joists can also sag due to excess moisture collecting in the crawlspace. A mid-span support post specifically denotes such a post that is placed at the midway point of the joist, however, in some cases, several support posts can be placed along a joist. The support post operates like a jack and can be used to lift the sagging floor joists back to their original position, restoring structural integrity to your home and preventing further damage from occurring.

During installation, a small trench is dug and packed with engineered fill. A concrete base is placed atop the fill and then the support post — typically an adjustable, heavy-duty steel column — is secured to both the base and to the bottom of the joist or beam. Each support post is then raised as needed to bring the sagging floor joist back up to a level position. Support posts are a less expensive and more effective alternative to concrete block columns, which were once the preferred method of repairing sagging joists.

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