What Is a Post & Pier Foundation?

What Is a Post & Pier Foundation

A post and pier foundation—also sometimes called a pier and beam foundation—is one of two major types of home foundations. The other type is known as a slab foundation or slab-on-grade foundation. As the name suggests, a post and pier foundation consists of concrete piers that are set deep into the ground to bear the weight of the structure. Spanning up from the concrete piers are either concrete or wooden posts, and along the tops of the posts run horizontal wooden beams that provide the bed on which the structure will be built.

Unlike a slab foundation, in which a bed of concrete is poured directly onto the soil substrate, a post and pier foundation does not rest directly on the ground but rather is usually elevated about 18 inches, creating a crawlspace beneath the home. One of the best benefits of a post and pier foundation is that the crawlspace provides easy access to the underside of the home, should repairs need to be made to plumbing and electrical units or to the foundation itself.

Homebuilders often choose to use post and pier foundations because they can be easily built and are less expensive than other choices. However, this type of foundation is best suited for smaller buildings. Because post and pier foundations are not set deep into the earth, this type of foundation is less ideal for homes built in areas where earthquakes or hurricanes are common. Also, because of how post and pier foundations are constructed, homes that sit atop them are more susceptible to developing sagging and creaking floors.

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