What Is a Slab-On-Grade Foundation?

What Is a Slab-On-Grade Foundation Engineered Solutions of Georgia

A slab-on-grade foundation—also known as a floating slab foundation—is a structural engineering practice in which the concrete slab that will serve as the foundation for a building or other structure is formed from a mold that is set into the ground. The concrete is then poured directly into the mold, leaving no space between the ground and the structure. This method of foundation construction is most commonly used in warmer climates where (1) seasonal freezing and thawing of the ground is less of a concern and (2) where there is no need for heat ducting to be installed beneath the floor of the building.  

Advantages & Disadvantages of Slab-On-Grade Foundations

Some benefits of the slab-on-grade foundation technique are that it is quite sturdy while also being relatively inexpensive. Moreover, slab-on-grade foundations are considered less vulnerable to infestation from termites and other pests because there is no hollow space between the ground and the bottom of the structure.

However, this type of foundation also has its drawbacks, such as lack of access from below for the installation of utility lines, a low elevation that exposes the structure to flood damage, and the potential for heat loss in cases where the ground temperature drops significantly lower than the interior temperature. It can also sometimes be difficult to extend or remodel this type of foundation, and, because slab-on-grade foundations cannot be easily jacked up, they are more prone to damage caused by sinking or uneven settling than other types of foundation that include deep footings such as piles or piers.

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