Why Are There Cracks in My Walls?

Why Are There Cracks in My Walls

There are a number of reasons why you may have cracks in the walls of your home, and some are much more serious than others. Long, jagged cracks in the walls often indicate major foundation damage and should be examined by a foundation repair professional right away. However, slight cracks in your walls are less cause for concern as they are likely the result of other, less threatening conditions.

If your home was built in the past five years and was constructed with what is referred to in the industry as “green lumber,” then slight cracks in the wall are not much cause for concern. Green lumber has high moisture content and as it dries out during the first few years after construction, it tends to shrink and move slightly, which can cause cracks to form in the surface of the walls. To repair these, you can simply tape the cracked joints, spackle over them, and repaint.   

If there is discoloration around the edges of the cracks in your walls, this may indicate that you have some sort of water leak. Water could possibly be leaking into your home from a window or the roof, or possibly even coming from a water pipe within your home. In addition to having a yellow or brownish stain around it, a crack caused by a water leak might also feel damp to the touch. If this is the case, you will have to address the cause of the leak and repair the water damage before repairing the surface crack.

If your walls have sprawling diagonal cracks—especially if they’ve formed rather quickly—this is often a sign of foundation damage. Foundation damage can be caused by a water-level change in the soil structures underneath your home, the sudden formation of a sinkhole, or maybe even termite damage to the wooden beams upon which your home sits if you have a post and pier foundation. However, regardless of what caused it, major foundation damage should be addressed immediately by a foundation repair company to prevent major structural damage to your home and ensure the safety of its residents.

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