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Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we’ve been helping homeowners in Kennesaw, Georgia, and the surrounding areas with their basement waterproofing needs since 2007. Whether you’ve recently discovered a leak in the wall or floor of your basement, or you just want to be proactive and prevent water from entering your basement and causing damage, our highly trained basement waterproofing professionals can provide the services you need. Simply contact us to get started and we’ll set up a free consultation at your home to help you devise a lasting solution to your needs.

Waterproofing your basement is an important step to take because few things pose a greater threat to your home’s foundation than unwanted water infiltration. Most homeowners use their basements for storage and laundry, and many have even invested a significant amount of money into finishing their basements and making them more livable spaces. Even if you don’t use your basement all that much, water infiltration can cause damage to your home’s foundation, which, if left untreated, can significantly affect the rest of your home.

Methods of Basement Waterproofing

Some of the most common basement waterproofing services that we offer include:

  • Polyurethane injections – This technique is used to seal cracks in the foundation slab and walls to prevent groundwater from getting inside your home. Polyurethane injections are suitable for addressing smaller cracks but may not be the best option for larger structural issues.
  • Channel drains – A channel drain is a covered trough that’s installed in the floor of the basement along the wall to collect any water that seeps in through the foundation. The water is then re-routed through the channel drain away from the home’s foundation.
  • Sump pumps – If your home is in a flood zone, or if you’ve been experiencing a lot of water infiltration, having a sump pump system installed may be the best method of basement waterproofing as they can effectively remove a lot of standing water in a short amount of time.

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