Finding the Best Basement Waterproofing System for Your Home in Atlanta, GA

Best Basement Waterproofing System AtlantaThere are few things more stressful than noticing foundation damage or subsequent water damage in your basement – especially if you have a finished basement with expensive furniture and electronics. In order to prevent water from entering your basement, you’ll likely want to invest in a basement waterproofing system. There are several options to choose from, but which one will work best for your home? Let’s explore your options.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are a form of interior basement waterproofing. Collection basins are installed in the ground to allow rainwater, or other water, to pool up in the trough. Once collected, the water is pumped safely away from your home, preventing any water damage to your foundation or belongings in your basement.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Unlike sump pumps and other interior waterproofing solutions, exterior basement waterproofing requires excavation of the soils surrounding the outside of your home’s foundation. Once the outside foundation wall is exposed, a protective, water-proof membrane is installed to prevent water from ever entering your basement through holes or small cracks in your foundation. Holes and cracks are usually fixed, and then the membrane is installed over top to ensure a completely water-proof basement.

Engineered Solutions

The experienced team at Engineered Solutions proudly offers these waterproofing solutions, and other foundation repair and waterproofing methods, to help homeowners like you protect their basements from water damage. We understand how stressful foundation and basement water damage can be, but there is no need to worry with us by your side. We offer honest, lasting solutions, and even back our work with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

For more information about the various basement waterproofing and foundation repair options we offer to homeowners throughout Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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