5 Myths of Foundation Repair

Jan 30, 2015

Foundation repair is often the last thing that a homeowner wants to think about, but foundation damage can happen at any time. All it takes are a few of the wrong conditions to jeopardize your home’s foundation. If that does happen, keep in mind these common foundation repair myths, so that you can make the right decision about your foundation repair job.

1. Any Contractor Can Do the Job

five myths about foundation repairThis is a common mistake, and it can cost you a lot of money if you aren’t careful. First, it is vital that you choose a contractor who has the licensing and insurance required to do the job.

Mistakes in foundation repair can cost you tens  of thousands of dollars in additional repair costs. Besides being property licensed, a contractor should have a phone number and an address at which they can be  reliably reached. A contractor who does not have a reliable means of contact is a contractor who could do damage and then bail on you.

2. Foundation Repair Costs Too much

This type of myth is common to many major home repair jobs, besides foundation repair. Before you put off repairing your foundation because it will cost too much, get a professional estimate. The actual price of the repair will differ depending on the cause of the crack. Some foundation repair just requires a very affordable injection of polyurethane, for example, to keep water out.

3. Home Buyers are Scared Off By Repair

When you sell a home, you’re usually required by law to tell the potential buyers of any work that’s been done. That can include your foundation repair, but there’s no reason to be particularly worried about this. While some buyers who don’t know better may see it as a problem, but experienced homeowners know that a repair to the foundation most likely means that they won’t have to repair it in the future.

4. Foundation Repair Requires Excavation

Excavation is expensive, and it can ruin a great looking lawn too. Some repair to the foundation does require excavation, but other repairs make far less of a mess for your landscape. It all depends on the particular foundation problem.

5. Pressure Grouting Isn’t Necessary

This is a common myth that you may hear from some repair companies. Pressure grouting, also known as mud pumping, is critical to a proper job. Concrete slabs are made to rest flat on the ground. Changes to the ground supporting the foundation can cause problems. If there’s an empty space at any point under the foundation of the home, it can cause the risk of slab cracking which is much more expensive to deal with. While some companies may not offer pressure grouting, those that are serious about the business have the equipment on hand to offer the service. Companies and contractors that don’t may try to pass pressure grouting off as unneeded, but the benefits of proper grouting are actually quite important for the long term maintenance of your foundation.