Cool Basement Conversion Ideas

Apr 10, 2017

basement conversion ideas
Our lives are often fraught with the stuff we have accumulated over the years. It is not uncommon for us to lug these possessions around and stow them away in a dark, dank basement, only to be forgotten for years, sometimes decades.

However, the basement is a very spacious portion of your home, so maximize it to its fullest potential! Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a man cave, where you can engross yourself in hobbies as an escape from the stresses of the world outside; or, maybe there is a specific theme for a room you have always envisioned but could never implement due to the lack of space. Whatever your aspirations are, they can be actualized right below your feet. Check out these basement conversion ideas to see if any appeal to you:

Add another Bedroom to the House

Converting your basement into a bedroom is perhaps the most pragmatic idea. Not only does it increase the value of your property, it can accommodate a large family, which especially helpful if there’s a baby on the way. What’s more, having a sizeable guestroom that is perfect lodging for friends or relatives who might enjoy the tranquility and quiet. Similarly, if you’re looking to rent a room out, it is a perfect quarter for a tenant to have privacy in a comfortable area.

A Sanctuary for Scholastic Endeavors

Because a basement is sequestered from the house, it is most likely going to be the quietest area, so why not transform it into a study? In such a sanctuary, children can do homework and teens can study for exams, uninhibited by the mixture of multiple distractions. In terms of aesthetics, you can create a little library to give the space that studious ambience.

Transform Your Basement into a Recreation Room

Children can get riled up playing video games, so a rec room is a perfect oasis for them to enjoy themselves without you having to hear all of the ruckus. Alternatively, if you have enough space, adding a ping-pong table or pool table is a great way to encourage family activities in a fun-filled space.

Turn Your Basement into a Home Theater

Home movie theater installation is, perhaps, the epitome of a basement transformation. Because most basements are soundproof, a sound system wouldn’t bother the neighbors—or anyone else in the house for that matter.

Things to Consider Before a Basement Conversion

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether a basement conversion is feasible. That would require making sure the underfloor is apt to such a renovation and surveying the area to help you weigh your options and gauge your obstacles. It is also a good idea to research building regulations and the type of work it will take to make your ideas come true.

In some cases, you might have to raise the height of your basement to make the foundations safe for your property. In this case, you might need the aid of modern techniques, especially if your basement is beneath a concrete floor and not timber wood. Windows and staircases are another thing to consider.

Waterproofing is also of utmost importance, as moisture is a common issue in basements. A leaky basement could forebode major structural damage for your property over time, so a qualified professional from ESOG would be necessary. In spite of the large initial investment it will take for this renovation, you will end up saving a ton in the long-term, all while enjoying the new identity of a room that had previously gone unnoticed.