The Difference Between Minor and Major Foundation Issues

Aug 11, 2017

foundation issuesThe foundation of your home or commercial property is where your entire investment rests. If you have cracks or serious issues in your foundation, you should always seek professional help immediately. Homeowners are often tempted by DIY options for minor issues. While epoxy putty is a great trick, it is merely a stopgap for preventing water and moisture from worsening the damage. Always have your foundation problems fixed at the first sign of trouble.

Your home is not the only thing that relies on a sound foundation; your health and security do as well. Foundation issues are usually caused by water damage. This can lead to unstable footing, mold, and other issues. Even small cracks can grow into bigger ones that can leave you with a serious problem on your hand.

Check Your Water Pressure and Accumulation

As was stated earlier, an epoxy solution will not fix the underlying problem. It is merely a temporary solution to keep the water out of your foundation. Groundwater from busted lines or runoff can accumulate around the foundation and put pressure on the walls. Always be aware of what is happening on your property. You never know what a routine stroll around the house will uncover.

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we offer structural engineering services for residential and commercial properties. While many property owners wait until disaster strikes before they seek professional help, a routine inspection is advisable, especially if you are in a high-risk area.

For DIYers, always make sure your drainage systems, including gutters and drains, are in good working order. Also, ensure your property is resting at the proper incline to lessen the chance for water buildup. If you have a perimeter drainage system, make sure it is not backed up and that the water is running away from the house as is intended.

Do Not Put Off Repairing Serious Damages Due to Costs

Foundations are capable of tipping, bowing, and severely cracking. This requires serious professional help. When this happens, a contractor will reinforce the foundation with wood or steel braces. One cost-effective solution involves epoxy stripping combined with carbon-fiber mesh. Your contractor will inform you of the correct approach for your unique situation.

Working with a good structural engineering service and experienced professionals will keep you informed of any weak spots on your property. Contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today for more information.