The Top 5 Causes of Foundation Damage

Mar 20, 2017

foundation damageWhen you discover that the foundation of your home is damaged, it can cause enormously expensive repairs down the road if it is left untreated. Foundation damage can start with something as simple as a small crack that widens and grows over time. For this reason, preventing foundation damage is paramount for homeowners. One way to help prevent foundation damage is to understand what causes it.

You can wait until you have a problem before you take steps to prevent foundation damage, or you could proactively work to prevent it before it happens. With cold winter weather quickly approaching, you can prevent foundation damage with a little preventative maintenance and knowledge. Following are the top five causes of foundation damage.

Water Damage Is the Number One Cause

Whenever you experience flooding or excessive rain, the ground around the base of your home becomes saturated. When that happens, the hydrostatic pressure created by the excess water can create cracks that allow water to seep through the foundation of your home.

Ice Creates Even More Hydrostatic Pressure Than Water Does

When winter comes, and your ground is already saturated and frozen, the pressure created from frozen groundwater is even stronger than the pressure created by flooding. It can produce large cracks in your foundation that not only result in a structurally unsound foundation, but also a flooded property.

Repair Cracked Water Pipes Quickly

Not only does a cracked water pipe introduce the threat of mold as well as damaged floors, carpeting, and furniture, it is one of the main causes of significant foundation damage. Flooding creates an expensive problem very quickly. The rush of large amounts of water can introduce enormous cracks in the foundation in multiple locations in just a matter of hours.

Fix Leaky Pipes—Even the Smallest Leaks

Unlike cracked pipes and sudden flooding, leaking pipes often happen out of sight, and the damage caused by them can happen very slowly over time. No matter how long it takes, eventually those pipes will crack and flood your basement. From dripping faucets to seeping water heaters, leaking pipes are another common cause of foundation damage.

Make Sure You Have a Proper Drainage System

Gutters, shutters, and sewer systems all work together to prevent the water buildup that can damage your home. If your gutters are broken or your sewage drainage systems are malfunctioning, you will likely end up with a huge bill to fix your foundation damage. One way to prevent conditions that can damage your foundation is to stay on top of them. If you notice low water pressure, it may be a sign of a leaky water pipe.

A foundation repair professional from Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help you to defend your home proactively from these common causes of foundation damage. Only a professional service can give your home a proper assessment of potential and existing foundation damage. Do not wait any longer to have our foundation repair professionals come out and evaluate your home for foundation damage.