Top 5 Foundation Fails

Oct 17, 2017

Foundation CrackStructural issues are common nowadays. It is not uncommon to come across houses that have cracks or misaligned doors and moldings. The main issue is as a result of the foundation. In any case, the foundation is what determines the longevity of a structure. If the foundation was not built in the right manner, a house will most definitely develop a range of issues during its use.

It is vital to understand and look out for a range of foundation fails so that they do not affect the integrity and usefulness of your structure. You need to know that problem with the foundation can cause the entire structure to be brought down. Concrete and ballast should not be your sole consideration when you are doing this analysis. However, you need to find out if there were any engineering faults in the first case when the building was being developed.

There are a wide range of foundation fails that you can look at in this regard. Here are 5 foundation fails that you must be aware of at any time:

1. Bulging floors – Bulging floors are one of the main signs of a faulty or deteriorating foundation. If the foundation was done well, the floor should be able to remain intact for the length of time the structure remains in existence. If you ever notice that the floor is bulging, you need to understand the foundation has issues and get an expert who can resolve the issue as fast as possible.

2. Cracked walls – Again, a faulty foundation can also lead to the cracking of walls. This normally happens as a result of irregular expansion and contraction of concrete and other building materials used in the process. Therefore, you need to make sure that concrete, ballast, sand and any other materials used in building the foundation are mixed in the right ratios. You should not however dismiss the possibility of geographical effects in this regard.

3. Doors that cannot close properly – You will also be able to know that the foundation of your house is not in the right state if the doors are not closing. If you realize that doors close with difficulty or are misaligned, the issue might be originating from the foundation. A slant or slope on the foundation or floor can be detrimental and make it impossible to close or open doors.

4. Broken or cracked foundation – Another sign of a failing foundation is that it also cracks. In fact, this is the main way through which you will be able to truly conclude that there is an issue with the foundation. If the foundation is cracking, the integrity of the entire structure is under question. You need to find a contractor who can help fix this ASAP.

5. Displaced moldings – The moldings on your doors and windows might also be displaced due to an issue with the foundation. This normally happens when one part of your house has caved in. It can also happen as a result of soil bearing failure on the part of the foundation.

Foundation Fails that Have Affected the United States in Recent Times

In the United States, issues of foundation fails have been a major thorn in the flesh. Buildings, bridges, stages and even power stations have collapsed in the past couple of years as a result of structural issues. For instance, in the year 2007, the Harp Road Bridge in Oakville, Washington collapsed. Fortunately, there were no casualties during that incident.

In that same year, the I-35 Mississippi river bridge collapsed in Minnesota. The collapse of the bridge led to the death of 13 people while 145 were left nursing injuries. This is one of the most fatal bridge foundation fails to ever have occurred in the United States. Last year, that is in 2013, the 22nd and Market building in Philadelphia collapsed. This again led to the death of 6 whereas 13 were injured in the process. Therefore, the issue of foundation fails is not a matter that can be overlooked just like that.

Contact Engineered Solutions for Your Foundation Needs

To clearly understand if there is a major issue with the foundation of your house, you need to consider both interior and exterior signs. Cracks both inside and outside the house are major issues to look at in this regard. In any case, cracks occur as a result of irregular expansion and contraction of the different elements that make up the structure. If the issues persist, you need to contact an expert at Engineered Solutions of Georgia who can handle this properly.