When is Foundation Repair Necessary?

Dec 07, 2017

handsome brick home While it may seem like the discovery of a crack or leak your house is a small problem, these seemingly minor imperfections can be a clear indicator of a much more significant issue with your home or business’s foundation. Left ignored, problems like these can continue to grow and turn into costly and extensive damage to your property. Rather than wait for your foundation problems to compound, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia to learn about our foundation repair services.

As any Georgian knows, we experience regular rainfall and high humidity throughout the year. When this moist climate is combined with Georgia’s soft alluvial soil, foundations can resettle or sink over time, leading to significant damage to the property. To bolster your foundation, Engineered Solutions offers a range of repair techniques, including foundation restoration, piering, pressure grouting and restoration. However, at Engineered Solutions, we also understand that no two foundation repairs are the same, which is why we will carefully inspect your property and will often refer you to a third-party engineer to assist in developing a repair plan that will permanently address your unique problem. This way you can rest assured that your repair will be thorough, efficient and professional.

So, when is foundation repair necessary? Here are some signs that you should contact one of our experienced foundation contractors:

  • Your doors are having trouble closing or opening
  • Cabinet doors won’t remain shut
  • You notice your floors are looking uneven or sloped
  • Your walls have become leaky or cracked
  • There are cracks in your brick fireplace
  • Nails seem to be popping out of the wall

While these problems are not always traced to foundation damage, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers a completely free in-house assessment and no-obligation quote, so you have nothing to risk by calling and having one of our experts look at the structural damage to be sure. For more information on all of our services, such as floor framing, crawl space encapsulation, and our work as a leading foundation company throughout Atlanta, Athens, Decatur, Johns Creek and Marietta, call us at 678-290-1325 today and speak with a foundation specialist.