Common Causes of Foundation Problems

Crack in a home's wallIf you suspect your home has foundation problems, you might also be wondering what caused the damage or if you could have done something to prevent it. While the cause of foundation problems tends to vary, we’ll share some insight into the leading causes and why some foundation problems can indeed be avoided.

Poor Soil Conditions

Poor soil is one of the leading causes of foundation problems in the country. In regions with lots of expansive soil—also called expandable soil, gumbo mud, or gumbo soil—changes in moisture levels affect the clay composition around the foundation. Expansive soil acts like a sponge, so it expands during rainy seasons and contracts during dry seasons. This pattern of expansion and contraction puts stress on a home’s foundation, primarily affecting the perimeter of the foundation and exerting enough force to eventually make it crack.

Improper Drainage

Water should be able to flow away from your yard completely because standing water can lead to soil oversaturation. Oversaturation causes soil to expand and thrust upward, causing the foundation to move. When the soil dries out, it compacts, causing the foundation to settle. Gutter systems, sump pumps, and yards properly sloped to allow for adequate drainage are among the most cost-effective ways to prevent foundation damage.

Faulty Foundation Construction

Faulty construction can also lead to foundation issues. For instance, home foundations built on fill dirt or poorly compacted soil are susceptible to shifting. A foundation requires well-compacted soil to provide a solid platform of support. In other words, if your foundation wasn’t built or designed correctly, it is more susceptible to foundation problems than one built on stable soil.

Foundation Repair Services From Geotechnical Experts

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided expert foundation structural engineering and geotechnical services to homeowners in Georgia since 2006. When you reach out to us for foundation repair, we will come out to your home to evaluate your property. If your home doesn’t have a problem that needs our expertise, we have no problem telling you that. If it does, we will recommend the type of repair most appropriate for your home. For our customers’ peace of mind, we can back our services with a Triple Protection Warranty. Contact ESOG today for more information.

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