Concrete issues can run the gamut to floors that are no longer level, foundation leaks that are prevalent in basement areas, cracked floors and walls, and even something as simple as misaligned doors, which can all signify that something may be wrong with a concrete wall or foundation.

Things such as discoloration and scaling means that moisture is present, and properly sealed concrete should be dry and remain its original color for its entire life. Needless to say, if you notice any of these things, even if they may seem unrelated, there may be an issue with your concrete basement floor or walls.

The Weather’s Impact on the Soil

In Georgia, there are some very unique properties to the soil that can have a major effect on concrete. The soil is an alluvial type, which means it is a loose type of filling most commonly deposited in a floodplain. It can be silt or clay, and generally, it is fertile and holds water well.

water damage in homeFor the most part, Georgia weather in the Northern and Central regions are hot and humid during the summer. According to, Georgia annually gets 50.7 inches of precipitation, which ranks 7th in the United States.

Which means that the state of Georgia produces a substantial amount of rainfall and the soil holds it. The soil becomes saturated, which swells, and both the foundation and walls over time will have a tendency to heave and crack. Most buildings in Georgia will need some type of foundation or wall repair.

Common Repairs

One of the more common and highly effective ways to repair foundation cracks is to inject sand or cement at specific pressures. Depending upon what is needed, either a low pressure or a high pressure injection can be done with outstanding results.

Grant Park Home ProjectPressure grouting is another way to stabilize the soil beneath a building. Pipes are inserted into the soil and cement grout is pumped in under pressure. It will essentially fill in all of the soft spots and make a solid foundation for your building to rest on.

Foundation piering can be done by sinking metal “piers” into the ground until they come into contact with the hard soil beneath. The building structure is then anchored to these piers, and if need be, leveling can then be done.

Call the ESOG Professionals

If you have any questions about concrete or wall repairs call the professionals at ESOG. The Engineered Solutions of Georgia team know concrete wall and foundation problems inside and out. We are registered with the National Society of Professional Engineers and we serve both residential and commercial properties in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the surrounding cities.

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