Concrete Leveling Services for Homeowners in Atlanta, GA

Concrete Leveling Atlanta GA

If you have concrete on your Atlanta-area property that has settled or is uneven, it’s time to contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia. With more than 150 years of combined industry experience, our team can set your concrete straight with our concrete leveling services. Changes in weather conditions and poor drainage can cause the soil structures underneath your concrete to shift and erode, and as a result, they lose their ability to support the weight of the concrete and whatever else sits atop it. This often results in the concrete slab cracking, wobbling, or simply sinking into the ground. And not only are cracked or sunken concrete slabs unsightly, but they can also pose a serious tripping hazard and can make it difficult to walk around them.

How Concrete Leveling Works

Concrete leveling is a technique we offer that can correct the aforementioned problems. Our concrete leveling process starts with drilling holes into the sunken concrete slab. Next, a grout-like cement mixture, or sometimes a polyurethane foam, is pumped through the holes. This substance then expands underneath the concrete slab, lifting it back up to a level position. Because of the way this process works, it is sometimes referred to as “mudjacking,” as the mud-like mixture expands and “jacks up” the concrete. The grout or foam then hardens, providing a firm foundation for the concrete to sit on, and the holes that were drilled are filled in.  

If you have a slab of concrete that has cracked or settled, you might be tempted to just pull it up and pour fresh concrete. However, while this will probably look nice at first, chances are, the same soil conditions that made the initial slab crack or sink in the first place will soon take their toll on the new slab and it too will crack or sink. Because of this, concrete leveling is a preferred solution to pouring new concrete as it addresses the root cause of the issue and provides a firm foundation for the concrete to sit atop.

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To learn more about how we can bring a sunken concrete slab at your Atlanta-area home back up to a level position with our reliable concrete leveling services, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.