Innovative & Efficient Concrete Leveling Services for East Cobb, GA, Residents

Loose, granular soil is prevalent in East Cobb, Georgia. This type of soil presents significant challenges for heavy structures, particularly those constructed with concrete. Over time, concrete structures built on loose soil can shift and sink. You may see evidence of this movement in unlevel concrete slabs on your driveway, or stoop, a problem that not only detracts from your property’s aesthetics but also poses a tripping hazard and may even render the surface unsuitable for vehicular traffic. This is where Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help. As a leading specialist in construction and foundation repair, we offer concrete leveling services to homeowners in East Cobb and the neighboring communities.

Advantages of Poly Lifting Over Conventional Concrete Leveling

While numerous companies in the area offer concrete leveling services, our specialization lies in a vastly superior technique known as poly lifting. Poly lifting stands as a cleaner and more effective alternative to traditional mudjacking. While mudjacking relies on injecting a cement-like grout beneath sunken concrete slabs to restore them to a level position, poly lifting utilizes polyurethane foam. Unlike grout used in mudjacking, which can erode over time and lead to further sinking, polyurethane foam, once cured, becomes water-resistant and erosion-proof. Moreover, polyurethane foam cures much faster than grout and can be injected through smaller holes, resulting in a less invasive overall process.

Free Estimates for Concrete Leveling Projects

For further insights into our concrete leveling services or to understand why poly lifting surpasses traditional mudjacking, reach out to Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. We would be delighted to arrange a consultation at your East Cobb residence to delve into the specifics of your project.

“ESOG helped stabilize my foundation and repair my garage slab. Now I can focus actually moving into my new home instead of worrying. Thanks guys so much! Their staff was incredibly polite, professional, and fast!”

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