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While concrete is a durable material widely used in home construction, it’s really only as sturdy as the ground it sits atop. Many environmental factors such as poor soil drainage or granular, loosely packed soil structures can affect the stability of a concrete surface and cause the concrete slab to shift, presenting an eyesore, a tripping hazard, or possibly even major structural issues if the concrete abuts against the foundation. If a portion of the sidewalk or driveway on your property in the Johns Creek area is sinking or unlevel, you can turn to Engineered Solutions of Georgia for reliable concrete leveling services. Our team of geotechnical experts brings more than 150 years of combined industry experience to every job we undertake, so when you partner with us for concrete leveling, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

How Concrete Leveling Works

The concrete leveling process begins with drilling a series of strategically placed holes in the sunken concrete slab. Next, a lifting material such as expanding polyurethane foam or a grout-like cement mixture is pumped into the holes. This substance fills the void beneath the concrete, raising the slab back up to a level position and then hardens to prevent further settlement. Some homeowners who have a sinking or uneven concrete slab may be tempted to simply tear it up and pour a fresh slab of concrete. While this might serve as a temporary fix, chances are the ground conditions that caused the first slab to sink will also run their course with the new slab. Concrete leveling works by addressing these underlying soil conditions to prevent further sinking. However, in some cases where the sunken concrete is extensively cracked, we may recommend pouring a new concrete slab in addition to concrete leveling.

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