If You Need Concrete Lifting Services for Your Atlanta, GA Home, Let Engineered Solutions of Georgia Offer You Options

Concrete Lifting Atlanta GAConcrete lifting is something you’ll want to get done right away if the concrete structures at your Atlanta, Georgia business or residence are sinking. There are many reasons concrete can sink, from soil that shrinks and settles, to soil that is washed away over time and leaves the cement above it unsupported. Here at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we’ve seen how these issues can turn into big problems, causing uneven driveways and sidewalks, as well as failing foundations that lead to jammed windows and doors. If you’ve experienced any of these, consider looking into our concrete lifting services.

There are different ways we can address sinking concrete at your Atlanta home, including:

  • Pressure Grouting – This method consists of drilling large holes which are then pumped with a cement-grout mixture that fills up the empty spaces in the soil and beneath cement slabs.
  • Replacement – Those interested in concrete lifting might consider replacing their sinking slabs altogether. This is typically a lengthier process since it requires the removal of the previous slabs and the installation of new ones, which are fitted to be level on the existing soil.
  • Poly Lift System – This is probably the most hassle-free method of concrete lifting. This system consists of utilizing a high-strength polymer that is injected into voids and weak spots between the soil and concrete in order to hold up the slabs. Our Poly Lift System only requires small drill holes in the foundation and the cure time is a brief 15 minutes.

We oftentimes recommend the Poly Lift System when it comes to concrete lifting due to its convenience and its reliability (one square foot of polymer foam can support more than 10,000 pounds). But depending on your preference and our assessment of the situation at your home, pressure grouting or the replacement of concrete slabs can also be viable options.

Regardless of which concrete lifting method works best for your Atlanta, GA home or business, Engineered Solutions of Georgia will be happy to guide you through the process. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to get an estimate for work at your home.

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