The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the rhythms of our daily lives, but it’s crucial that we stick together as a community in these trying times.

Engineered Solutions of Georgia is focused on how to best protect and support our families, employees, customers and communities in the face of this unfolding crisis. We’ll do this by keeping our employees safe and healthy, as well as keeping our foundation repair and waterproofing business running for customers in need.

Right now, we have established a work-from-home policy for all our office staff. Rest assured they are still answering phone calls and responding to emails, but they are doing this from the safety of their living rooms.

For essential on-site employees, we are diligently observing CDC guidelines and best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to do all we can to stay safe and preserve our team members’ ability to take care of their families.

We understand that it is important for our customers to have the best information possible so you can make the best decisions for your families and your homes. For those who need timely waterproofing or foundation services, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can provide our estimating and installation services by having absolutely no physical contact with our customers. All document sharing and signing, as well as payment, is done online from your personal device.

As a company, we are making the best decisions we can each day with the information we have available to ensure the health and safety of our employees’ families and our customers.

I want you to know that Engineered Solutions of Georgia will continue to do everything we can do to help our community. We are always available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Jay Eastland
Luis Cuevas

“Great customer service with prompt, fair evaluation and immediate scheduling. Thank you for your expertise and professional consultation. It was seamless. Highly recommend!”

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