A Cracked Foundation Can Cause Serious Issues for Your Virginia-Highland, GA, Home

Cracked Foundation Virginia-Highland GAHaving a cracked foundation in your Virginia-Highland, Georgia, home, may be more than an unsightly inconvenience. While some cracks, such as those that are less than ¼ inch, can be a sign of normal settling, others can indicate a serious foundation problem. To know for sure whether your home’s foundation is in need of repair, you can schedule an in-home consultation with one of the experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. When you do, you can expect one of our friendly team members to visit your home, examine any areas of concern, recommend the most effective repair methods for your property, and provide you with an honest quote.

If the cracked foundation of your Virginia-Highland property does require repair, you’ll be glad to know that Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers a wide array of services to restore foundations. These services include:

  • Wall support
  • Pressure grouting
  • Framing support
  • Waterproofing

In addition to the reliable techniques we can use to address your home’s cracked foundation, Engineered Solutions of Georgia also offers customers a price match guarantee. That means that if a competitor quotes the same scope of work for a lower price, we’ll match their price, enabling you to get premium services at the best possible price.

To learn more about how Engineered Solutions of Georgia can repair your property’s cracked foundation, contact us today. We will be happy to schedule your in-home consultation in Virginia-Highland, Georgia, and tell you about our triple protection warranty.