What Does Crawlspace Waterproofing Cost for Atlanta, GA, Homeowners?

Crawlspace Waterproofing Cost Atlanta GAHaving a crawlspace waterproofing system installed at your home in the Atlanta area can be a valuable investment.  Due to the hot, humid weather that is experienced in the area throughout the year, crawlspaces are susceptible to moisture build up and subsequent wood rot and mold growth, among other problems. This can lead to extensive damage, so investing in water-free system is generally recommended for homeowners in the area. But, how much does a crawlspace waterproofing system cost?

On average, crawlspace waterproofing systems cost a few thousand dollars, depending on the existing issues that require repairs, the size of the home, and the quality of the waterproofing system. But, it is difficult to put a price on the safety of your home – and your family. And keeping your foundation clean and your family safe from dangerous mold growth and pest infestation is well worth the price tag.

Crawlspace Waterproofing Systems from Engineered Solutions

If you decide to invest in a crawlspace waterproofing system, you can feel confident when you turn to Engineered Solutions. We have extensive experience waterproofing crawlspaces for homeowners in the area, and we are confident we can help you next.

It all starts with an inspection of your crawl space and foundation. This allows us to properly diagnose your problem, formulate a viable solution, and ensure you receive a comprehensive system that corrects any current problems and prevents future ones. We can likely give you a crawlspace waterproofing cost estimate at this time as well to help you budget better for the project. Then, we may put you in touch with local mold remediation or water extraction companies to help prep your crawlspace for waterproofing.

Finally, we get to work encapsulating your crawlspace and sealing it off from the surrounding soil. We’ll install a vapor barrier that encapsulates your crawlspace. Our team will also install a dehumidifier that helps to remove moisture from the air and ensures that your crawlspace will remain water-free even during the most humid days. We complete a final quality assurance.

For information about our crawlspace waterproofing cost structures, contact Engineered Solutions today. We proudly serve homeowners in Atlanta, GA, and throughout the surrounding areas.

“Installed piers to support our sagging foundation. They were timely, professional and got the job done. Reasonably priced, and easy to work with. Thank you.”

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“We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that we received from Engineered Solutions of Georgia! Throughout the entire process, they were responsive, attentive, and followed through with their commitments. The end result was fantastic, and we are very pleased with our new crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing!”

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