Does Foundation Repair Hurt Resale?

Worker repairing the foundation of a brick house  Before tackling the issue of whether foundation repair hurts the resale of a home, it’s important to understand the implications of leaving foundation damage unaddressed. As the structural base of a home, a foundation provides the strength and stability that ensure the home’s longevity. When foundation strength and stability are compromised a few costly problems may arise.

Extensive Structural Damage

Misaligned doors and windows, wall cracks, and uneven floors are some of the primary signs of a damaged foundation. If you choose to do nothing about the damage, you can expect even more problems throughout the house. Ceilings, wooden crossbeams, upstairs walls, and attached garages—nearly every part of your home can be affected by an unsteady foundation.

Water Damage

A degraded foundation makes a home extremely vulnerable to moisture penetration. If you have a basement, check for cracks and crevices in the walls. A weakened foundation can put excessive strain on basement walls, causing cracks to appear. Moisture seepage into a basement is almost guaranteed when walls are cracked. The likelihood of significant moisture damage, or mold and mildew growth, increases the longer foundation issues are left unaddressed

Plumbing Problems

A damaged foundation puts your plumbing at risk. In homes with pier and beam foundation, for instance, pipes can become intertwined with the foundation and weave their way into the house. As for above-ground pipes that run through walls and beneath floors, they are also vulnerable to damage because a damaged foundation can cause structural displacement throughout the house.

Affordable Foundation Repair

Asking a potential homebuyer to make necessary foundation repairs doesn’t render the sale impossible, but it may complicate the process. Homes with structural issues do not appraise as well as homes with solid foundations, and poorly appraised homes are more difficult to finance. Ultimately, selling a home with a damaged foundation will decrease your selling price. Fortunately, homeowners in Georgia have access to a foundation repair company well known for providing affordable solutions— Engineered Solutions of Georgia. As a local specialty construction leader, we specialize in a variety of foundation repair techniques and can work with you to provide a lasting solution that will meet your budget. Contact ESOG today for more information about our foundation repair services.

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