Exterior Basement Waterproofing Techniques for Homeowners in Atlanta, Peachtree City, & Beyond

exterior-basement-waterproofingExterior basement waterproofing requires the affected area of the foundation to be excavated to the same level as the basement floor. Once the footing is exposed, the wall of the foundation is cleaned. The original foundation drain is replaced and the drain exit rerouted to ensure positive flow away from the structure. At this point, the open areas are filled again. While this option is more expensive and time-consuming, we do generally offer ten to twelve year warranties on exterior basement waterproofing. Be sure to ask us about our warranty options for foundation waterproofing, as each one is decided on an individual basis.

Exterior basement waterproofing is a popular method to use because it guarantees superb waterproofing and little disruption to your life. Other methods will discard water once it has infiltrated your basement.  But exterior basement waterproofing takes care of the problem before it starts, ensuring that no water will reach your basement at all.

In several cases, further exterior basement waterproofing measures are necessary to fully protect basements and homes from water. Because of the climate of Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas like Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama, with excessive heat, humidity, and rain, water is everywhere and in everything. The soil around your home is likely filled with moisture. These are perfect flooding conditions should it rain heavily one night, and once a homeowner suffers from a flooded and leaky basement, he or she likely isn’t eager to go through the experience again. In cases like these, we have secured our exterior basement waterproofing by setting up a sump pump outside the foundation, which draws excess moisture and water out on a regular basis, ensuring dryness in all corners and walls of your home.

As foundation repair specialists in both interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can provide you with security from flooding and water damage. In areas like Atlanta, Athens, Tucker or Chattanooga, Tennessee, knowing that your home and property is diverting water from your basement and foundation is a big relief.

Contact us today for more information on our waterproofing service and a free inspection with a foundation contractor from our basement waterproofing team.

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