Water pooling around your foundation is one sign. Downspouts dumping water right next to the foundation is another indicator. While both can cause serious issues, other signs need immediate attention. Call a professional right away if you see stair-step cracks or horizontal cracking in your brick or block foundation, or excessive moisture and efflorescence in the block.
There are methods people use to attempt to repair cracks with hydraulic cement, but that is referred to as negative-side waterproofing and will ultimately fail. Cracks should always be repaired by a professional through a process called urethane injection. This is a process in which a unique urethane resin is injected into the crack with a special machine that injects an expandable polyurethane material into the crack and through the wall to the outside.
If you don’t have controlled heating and air in your basement to help with moisture, then it is recommended we install a commercial-grade Energy Star-rated dehumidifier. We will use one that is adequate to handle the square footage, pull the excess moisture out of the air, and can control the humidity levels.
Not necessarily. However, pests love moist environments, and even though you may not have a current water leakage issue, it could occur in the future. A good way to eliminate pests is to control the moisture and humidity levels in the crawl space through encapsulation. During this process, the crawl space is isolated with a heavy-duty liner that covers the dirt floor and is sealed up the foundation walls, and a commercial-grade dehumidifier is installed to create a dry and healthy environment.
Water leakage in a basement or a crawl space exacerbates the moisture levels, which will work their way up into the living environment through what’s called the ‘stack effect’ and can ultimately create mold growth and higher utility bills. The more moisture there is, the higher the utility bills as it costs less money to heat and cool dry air than it does moist air.


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