Avoid a Flooded Basement in Your Atlanta, GA, Home with the Help of the Foundation Experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia

Flooded Basement Atlanta GAA flooded basement is something no Atlanta, Georgia, homeowner wants to experience. A basement that’s been overcome with water can not only result in damaged belongings, it can also lead to mold, cracks in your foundation, sinking floors, and more.

In order to avoid the dangerous consequences of a flooded basement, Atlanta homeowners should seek out waterproofing services from a trustworthy foundation company, such as Engineered Solutions of Georgia. We consider ourselves a specialty construction company that relies on our experienced staff, which includes a licensed structural engineer, and on the most effective products in the industry to provide reliable solutions. Whether you’re interested in waterproofing your home to avoid a flooded basement, using piers to strengthen your foundation, or utilizing a different type of home construction service – we can help.

In order to prevent a flooded basement, the experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia can take care of both exterior and interior waterproofing through a variety of ways. Some of our waterproofing methods include:

  • Using a powerful sealant on windows and cracks to keep water out
  • Installing a sump pump outside the foundation to extract moisture and water
  • Relying on polyurethane injection – which is both economical and highly effective – to stop any basement leaks

To learn more about how Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help you avoid the troubles that come with a flooded basement, contact us today. We’d be happy to send one of our expert contractors to examine your Atlanta, GA, home and advise you on which of our waterproofing methods will most benefit your property.

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