Searching for a Foundation Contractor in Atlanta, GA? Look no further than Engineered Solutions of Georgia

Foundation Contractor Atlanta GAAnyone looking for a foundation contractor in Atlanta, Georgia should contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia. We have no doubt that our knowledgeable staff, which includes a licensed structural engineer, can resolve your foundation issues. As a foundation contractor, we specialize in repairing structural issues as well as waterproofing foundations. We also service both residential and commercial buildings throughout the greater Atlanta area.

The foundation is a crucial component of any building because it supports and levels the entire structure, including walls, doors, floors, and the roof. This is part of the reason we take our job as a foundation contractor so seriously at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. If you’re experiencing problems with your foundation, we have numerous ways of addressing and resolving your issues, such as through:

  • Piers – We can use either helical or hydraulically driven piers to help level a building and provide reliable structures for the foundation to lay on, preventing it from failing and becoming cracked due to weak soil.
  • Wall Support – We can provide wall support through soldier beams, carbon fiber reinforcement, and tiebacks.
  • Pressure Grouting – When leveling foundation, we’re able to use compaction, permeation, or chemical grouting, as well as void fill and slab lifting, to help strengthen the soil beneath a home or other building.

Regardless of the service you need from a foundation contractor, Engineered Solutions of Georgia will provide you with an accurate assessment and reliable repair. Unlike other companies, our experienced staff won’t cut corners with a quick fix for your issue. We instead strive to provide long-lasting solutions you can count on. In fact, we’re so confident about the reliability of our work that we offer a triple protection warranty covering workmanship, materials, and design. That’s something you’re not likely to find in another foundation contractor.

If you’re in the Atlanta, GA area and are ready to work with a foundation contractor you can rely on, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.