Foundation Cracks in Your Atlanta, GA, Home Could Indicate Serious Structural Issues

Foundation Cracks Atlanta GAIf you’ve noticed foundation cracks in your Atlanta, Georgia, residence, your home could be experiencing the effects of a faulty foundation. Not all cracks in your foundation will be indicative of a critical issue. For instance, thin, vertical cracks may sometimes occur when concrete shrinks during the curing process, and are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair. Other types of cracks, such as large, horizontal ones, could mean that your foundation is beginning to bow. But regardless of the type of cracks you’ve noticed, consulting a knowledgeable professional is the most effective way to know whether your home is experiencing serious structural problems. The experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia have ample experience inspecting foundation cracks throughout the Atlanta area and pinpointing various clues to conclude whether a structure needs foundation repair.

In order to figure out whether your home would benefit from our foundation services, we can send one of our professionals to conduct a complimentary in-home consultation. If we find that the foundation cracks in your home are a sign of serious structural problems, we’ll explain the various methods we can use to repair your home, including:

  • Pressure grouting
  • Piers
  • Soldier beams
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Tiebacks

Contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today to find out whether your home can benefit from any of these services. We’d be happy to schedule your in-home consultation and help determine the cause of the foundation cracks at your Atlanta, GA, home. It’d be our pleasure to help you learn more about our company, including our triple protection warranty.