Foundation Piers Installed for Homeowners in the Vinings, GA, Area

Foundation Piers Vinings GAFoundation piers can be used to address soil issues that the foundation of your home sits on. Many houses in the Vinings, Georgia, area are built on soil that is not strong enough to support the weight of the structure. Other homes sit atop clay dirt which tends to shrink over time and can cause foundation cracks to form. If you are experiencing foundation issues at your home due to weak underlying soil structures or fluctuating soil conditions, you can turn to the professionals at Engineered Solutions of Georgia to have foundation piers installed.

Different Types of Foundation Piers

During the foundation piering process, a certain number of galvanized steel piers are installed at strategic intervals around your home’s foundation. These can be helical piers that act much like a large screw. These piers are threaded at one end and are drilled into the ground until they attach to firm soil. Another type of foundation pier is known as a resistance pier or a “push pier.” If a helical pier is like a screw, a resistance pier is more like a nail in that it is simply driven straight into the ground until it rests against a firm substrate. While they differ in form, both helical piers and resistance piers ultimately serve the same function—to stabilize a building’s foundation by providing extra support.

Turn to the Experts at ESOG

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, our team has extensive experience installing foundation piers for a variety of structures. Not only are we experts in foundation piering, but we also have an in-house structural engineering department, which other foundation repair companies don’t have. This enables us to take a more scientific approach to devising foundation repairs and providing our clients with lasting solutions to their foundation problems.

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