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House foundation wall damageThe signs of a foundation problem can be easy to miss because they can mimic benign conditions. While a stubborn window may be just a stubborn window, it can point to a foundation issue, especially if your home’s other windows are also hard to close, your doors stick, or if you’ve noticed cracks in your walls. In the Brookhaven, Georgia, area, foundation failure is not uncommon.

Our region’s loose soil expands when water is present and shrinks when dry, leading to unstable foundations. As an unstable foundation shifts, it can distort the shape of your window and door frames and put uneven pressure on walls and support beams. Over time, an unstable foundation can lead to major structural damage to your home. If you’re worried that you have a foundation issue, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help. Backed by more than 15+ years of industry experience, ESOG is a foundation repair company that provides lasting solutions to foundation problems.

We Will Restore the Integrity of Your Home’s Foundation

ESOG has become a specialty construction leader by offering honest assessments and cost-effective solutions. When you reach out to us, we will come out to your home to evaluate your property. If your home doesn’t have a problem that needs our expertise, we have no problem telling you that. If it does, we will recommend the type of repair most appropriate for your home. Our team of extensively trained technicians performs:

  • Foundation crack repair
  • Foundation piers installation
  • Interior basement waterproofing
  • Crawlspace encapsulation
  • Floor leveling
  • Installation of wall supports

Get Started on Your Foundation Repair

Unlike what you may find at the average foundation repair company serving Brookhaven, only experienced company employees perform our structural services. Plus, for our customers’ peace of mind, we can back our work with a Triple Protection Warranty that covers materials, workmanship, and design. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.

“ESOG helped stabilize my foundation and repair my garage slab. Now I can focus actually moving into my new home instead of worrying. Thanks guys so much! Their staff was incredibly polite, professional, and fast!”

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“After working with all the other contractors for repairs on my home, these guys were by far the best and most reliable, professional company I’ve worked with. They were professional and answered ALL my questions immediately. I had foundation repairs which were completed within the time frame they allotted for. No extra expenses. The estimate was on point. Very impressive.”

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