Foundation Repair Fact & Fiction – When Do I Have a Problem?

Foundation Repair Fact and FictionMany times, it can be difficult to tell whether a little crack around your basement window is a small problem that can be fixed with a little caulk or is a clear indicator of fast-developing foundation damage. Knowing how to tell the difference between aesthetic damage that can be repaired with paint and caulk and foundation damage that requires more serious repair is important. Fortunately, the experienced staff at Engineered Solutions of Georgia is here to help.

Generally speaking, there are three types of movement that can lead to significant foundation damages: flex, expansion and contraction and settlement.

  • Flex is caused by overspanned framing and is typically located in an isolated section of the house. Flex damage is indicated by cracks in sheet rock joints, separation in trim joints, cracks in mortar joints of tile floor and bouncy floors. This damage is fixed by adding additional beams and posts at mid span of the floor framing.
  • Expansion and contraction is frequently caused by excessive heat or moisture and can occur anywhere throughout the house. This damage is indicated by concrete cracks in the foundation and seems to develop in more “random” locations throughout the house. Expansion and contraction can take three to seven years to develop and isn’t a structural problem.
  • Settlement is common in central Georgia and is caused by poor soil under the existing foundation of a building or misaligned faming members. Signs of settlement stair step cracks in block foundation, cracks in poured foundation, horizontal cracks and diagonal cracks in interior or exterior finishes. Settlement damage is fixed by piering, pressure grouting or additional framing.

In order to confidently determine the cause of your foundation damage and develop an advanced foundation repair plan, it is important that you have an experienced foundation contractor inspect any problem areas. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we have more than thirty years of combined experience in foundation repair and restoration and are equipped to handle any job in Alpharetta, Athens, Dalton, Suwannee, Woodstock or anywhere else in central Georgia.

Call today to schedule a free at home foundation assessment and to learn more about the numerous causes of foundation cracks, how to detect damage, and all of your repair options.

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