Foundation Repair Services for Homeowners in Marietta, GA

Foundation Repair Marietta GA

While minor cracks in your home’s foundation are usually nothing to worry about, larger cracks can certainly be cause for concern, especially if they are horizontal. Likewise, sprawling cracks on the walls and ceiling inside your home can be indicators that your foundation is shifting or settling unevenly. Another common indicator of foundation damage that many homeowners in the Marietta area experience is groundwater seeping into their basement. And even if you don’t actually see water dripping or pooling in your basement, if there is a musty smell or if items stored in your basement feel damp to the touch, there could be excess moisture building up behind the concrete walls or even within them.

Since 2007, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided reliable foundation repair services to homeowners throughout Marietta and the surrounding area. If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, then a foundation inspection might be in order. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation and we’ll be happy to send a foundation repair specialist to your home for an inspection. If we determine that your foundation does, in fact, need repairs, we’ll likely recommend one of the following solutions:

In some cases, we may even recommend using multiple foundation repair techniques to effectively address the issues you’re having. We’re committed to working closely with our customers to provide them with solutions that not only fit their budget but will also last for many years to come. We’ll also back our work with a rock-solid warranty to ensure peace of mind in your investment.

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